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The “Use Reusables” campaign, led by public agency Stopwaste.Org, has released its second round of grant funding for organizations that are planning to incorporate reusable packaging into their transportation and distribution systems. Eligible projects include those that replace single- or limited-use packaging with durable pallets, totes or bins, reusable pallet wrap or other packaging solutions that significantly reduce expendable packaging.

• Projects of all sizes will be considered, up to $30,000 per award request.
• Projects must prevent waste and incorporate reusable transport packaging that will be reused multiple times.
• 33% of funds are reserved for projects based in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area or California’s Central Valley.
• For applicants outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, pilots which have the intent for replication in the area are eligible.
• Deadline for applications is January 15, 2013.
For more information, to download the application packet and to view a sample completed grant application, click here.

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