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Uni-Pak II debuts at SouthPack 2013

Cooperative effort of Shuert Technologies and CON-Pearl NA brings added
durability and versatility to returnable sleeve packs

Greenville, SC and Sterling Heights, MI –Shuert Technologies has combined its new
lightweight twin-sheet pallets and lids with the durable plastic sleeves of CON-Pearl to
bring the Uni-Pak II to SouthPack 2013. This durable and versatile sleeve pack provides
more usable space than other returnables of similar size and footprint.

“We’ve followed up our Uni-Paks with a new standard for the industry,” according to Matt
Shuert, Vice-President of Shuert Technologies. “We are expecting that the Uni-Pak II will
expand the demand for sleeve packs because this combination of our new pallet and the
lightweight plastic sleeve will allow for maximum cube efficiency in a truck or container.”
“This is our first big push in North America,” said CON-Pearl NA’s Vice-President Stefan
Hoedt. “This new pallet system allows for us to make some significant advances in the
relationship between quality and price.”

CON-Pearl is a lightweight polypropylene board with exceptional non-directional strength
and stiffness characteristics. Rather than fluted, CON-Pearl is formed with a middle layer
of many small pearls that is sandwiched in between the two outer layers. This structure
provides non-directional characteristics that lead to a higher load bearing capability than
other sleeve materials.

The unique design of the Uni-Pak II and lid system allows for return ratios as high as 8 to 1.
This means that one truck can return enough empty containers to fill up to 8 truckloads of
full containers. A high return ratio lowers the costs associated with returning and reusing

The Uni-Pak II has applications for a wide variety of industries to include automotive,
aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical, recreational equipment, appliances and other
centralized manufacturing systems.

See the Uni-Pak II on display in booth 1331 at SouthPack 2013 in Orlando. For more
information, please contact CON-Pearl NA at 864-365-0733 or Shuert Technologies at 586-

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