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The Pharmaceutical Industry Reduces Waste with New Returnable Packaging Designs by Amatech

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Suppliers Make the Switch to Returnable Packaging to Save Money and Better Protect Products


Erie, PA (PRWEB) September 18, 2014

gI_60538_AP_Pharma_02-1-AmatechReturnable packaging, typically plastic corrugated containers, such as totes, trays, boxes and bulk containers are increasingly replacing paper corrugated containers. Expanding the use of returnable packaging is an important development for pharmaceutical and medical companies who want to provide safe and hygienic transport and storage of products.

Good design reduces costs and improves durability. In the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries, the introduction of plastic returnable packaging has eliminated a great deal of fibrous materials such as paper, cardboard and wood from production areas, leading to better hygiene and cleaner products. The rigidity of plastic containers helps to protect goods in transit against damage, and they are resistant to moisture, dust particulates and other contamination.

Rising energy and paper costs make eco-friendly returnable packaging appealing to the pharmaceutical industry because of its cost efficiency. Plus, switching to reusable packaging is an important contribution to saving our environment.

Today, companies are looking for ways to run leaner and more-efficient packaging operations. More pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are switching to plastic corrugated returnable packaging to reduce packaging costs and better protect products. Amatech is working with a number of pharmaceutical and medical companies to design returnable packaging for various products from vials and tubes to medicine and equipment.

Amatech is setting a new standard for an industry that requires a high level of dependability and safety during shipping and storage. The company’s 5-axis state-of-the-art water jet cutter is capable of producing very intricate foam shapes and profiles to protect valuable parts and products.

Amatech offers fast quotes and prototype services to keep up with the demand and ever changing market. Virtual 3-D samples or a fully functional sample that meets a customer’s exact specs can be provided, giving the customer an exact duplicate of what they would receive from a full-scale production.

To learn more about how Amatech designs, engineers and fabricates durable returnable packaging to protect pharmaceutical and medical products in any industrial environment please visit their website,

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