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Survey Provides Snapshot of U.S. Pallet Industry

Pallet Enterprise Online
By Scarlett Sanchez, Dr. Henry Quesada-Pineda
Date Posted: 2/1/2012

Having experienced a number of ups and down over the recent years, the pallet industry has been in flux with the move of the overall economy. Seeking to get a snapshot of the current state of the industry, researchers from Virginia Tech have conducted an industry survey. It aimed to foster increased understanding of the U.S. wooden pallet industry and its supply chain.

This survey was completed last summer and included a mail survey of about 1,500 wood pallet manufacturers and recyclers. About 13.5% of those surveyed responded with useable information. This provided a large enough sample size to make the researchers comfortable with the information database. The questionnaire had three sections: (1) general information, (2) importance and characteristic of imported and domestic wood pallets, and (3) supply chain management factors.

To read a summary of the results click here

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