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Schoeller Allibert Extends Maxinest Range with Dual Height Half Tray

schoeller crateSchoeller Allibert, a world leader in plastic reusable transit packaging (RTP), has extended its award-winning Maxinest range of produce trays for food and grocery distribution with the launch of the new Maxinest Dual Height Half Tray.

The newest member of the Maxinest family has been designed for maximum versatility, with the dual-height option and 400 x 300mm footprint enabling the same tray to be used for a number of different applications, and allowing both small and large store formats to be handled within the same supply chain.

The Maxinest Dual Height Half Tray’s two stacked height options make it an ideal solution for the field-to-store supply chain as Simon Knights, regional sales director – UK/Ireland from Schoeller Allibert explains: “The choice of heights offered by the new Maxinest offers multiple benefits for the food and grocery supply chain. At half-height the tray can be part-filled, which is ideal for protecting delicate produce such as soft fruit or herbs which could otherwise be crushed under its own weight.

“It also solves the problems faced by those supplying produce in both smaller volumes to convenience and speciality stores, and also in large volumes to chain supermarkets. The half-height option eliminates wasted space when supplying to small retailers and can be stacked alongside maximum height trays destined for larger stores, cutting down on the number of vehicles used to deliver to a variety of retailers.”

As experts in RTP, Schoeller Allibert has also designed the Maxinest Dual Height Half Tray to nest by 70 per cent of its original height, maximising the space available for return journeys. After use, the tray is compatible with the latest washing technology to enable easy and hygienic reuse. To promote quality, the trays feature smooth surfaces to prevent damaging produce or tearing packaging, while the ventilated sides enable air to flow freely for a constant temperature and maintain freshness. Additionally, the trays are suitable for use in temperatures down to -30º making it ideal for frozen as well as fresh produce. For security, RFID or labelling can be added to clearly identify the contents, destination and owner.

The lightweight Maxinest Dual Height Half Tray weighs just 0.9kg per unit, and can be stacked eleven high to offer a 100kg base tray load with a capacity of 15 litres at full height and 10 litres at intermediate height.

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