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Sainsbury’s Recycles 2 Million Old Crates, Launches First 100 Percent Recycled Food Safe Crates Program

Sainsbury’s says it has achieved a UK first as the first retailer to recycle its old reusable crates into more efficient new ones, made completely from recycled material from its old crates. About 2 million old crates are being ground into plastic flakes as part of the process, before being washed and dried to form new ones.  Sainsbury’s supplier for this renewal is Schoeller Allibert.

According to Sainsbury’s, the new crates are fully inter-stackable, improving ease of operation in stores and depots, while improving crate fill and pallet fill. Additionally, the new crate will be more cube efficient for reverse logistics, significantly reducing empty crate transport and requiring fewer loads to transport crates back to suppliers.

To read the full article from Packaging Revolution click hereSainsburys-crates-1


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