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Calling All “Reuse Leaders” to Join the Association for Reusable Packaging

June 28, 2023 – Washington, D.C. – The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) has created a new membership category for individuals to join RPA and benefit from engagement with the leading industry association for reusable packaging systems.  Established in 1999, RPA is a U.S.-based non-profit 501(c)6 trade organization with global reach that works to promote the use and value of reusable transport packaging products and services.  For over twenty years, RPA’s membership has consisted of companies that supply, use, and provide services to reusable transport packaging for the distribution of goods in the supply chain.  Now RPA is extending the membership opportunity to individuals, including professionals and students, who are interested in learning about reusable packaging systems, networking with experts in the business of reusables, and keeping up to date on industry news and activities.

RPA’s “Reuse Leaders” individual membership category is open to entrepreneurs, sustainability professionals, consultants, investors, advisors, packaging engineers, and students. Many individuals may work with companies that do not qualify for RPA’s corporate membership or are not in position to invest at the regular company membership level but would like to benefit from select RPA member programs to advance their knowledge and connections in the reusable packaging industry. The Reuse Leaders membership offers this opportunity.

The Reuse Leaders membership is available to individuals at an annual dues rate of $99 starting in July, with yearly renewals the following June. Students with verified academic standing can join at no cost with a complimentary membership. 

“RPA has a long history of collaborating across the industry to educate the market, develop tools and best practices, and advocate common positions on reusable transport packaging systems,” said Kevin Mazula, RPA’s chairman of the Board. “With the growing interest in reusable packaging solutions, we are ready to extend our association’s strengths and capabilities to help the growing reuse economy worldwide.  As such, we are further opening our organization so that professionals and students can tap into RPA’s expertise and organizational structure, allowing them to support emerging reuse interests and models more broadly.”

RPA has traditionally focused on reusable packaging systems for business-to-business applications in the supply chain, and while this emphasis of the association’s work will not change, the synergies with business-to-consumer applications have great potential. “The fundamentals of reuse modeling are largely the same, including factors such as durable product designs, turn rates, pool velocity, reverse logistics, and asset management,” said Tim Debus, RPA’s president and CEO. “Much time-tested learning about B2B reuse can be applied to new thinking for B2C, and existing reuse operations in the supply chains can be leveraged to build culture and scale for consumer reusable packaging.”

Specific member programs for Reuse Leaders will involve exclusive webinars with subject matter experts and access to RPA’s member communications, special reports, and events.  Other member activities may include participation on committees and at education forums on an invitation basis.

For more information on RPA membership including a table outline of categories and benefits, please visit RPA’s membership page.

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