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RPA Launches Connected Community Initiative; Seeks Industry Input

The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) is seeking input from supply chain professionals to help mold its new virtual reusable packaging forum, called Connected Community. When launched, the community will provide a forum for sharing new ideas and practical real world solutions for implementing and maximizing reusable transport packaging systems into the supply chain. The goal of the community is to virtually and effortlessly connect people looking to either source or sell a reusable packaging product or service, and propel the adoption of reusable packaging solutions as a preferred solution for transporting products in a B-to-B supply chain. The Connected Community will available through the RPA website

The first step in creating the community was launched today with a survey mailed to professionals in the reusable packaging and supply chain industries.

“The findings from the survey will shape the foundation of the online community so we are seeking input from a broad base of supply chain professionals,” said Jerry Welcome, RPA President. “Industry input and direction will be critical to building a successful and useful online community for the reusable industry.”

RPA invites all visitors to take the survey by clicking on this link.

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