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RPA Adopts New Strategic Plan to Deliver More Value for Members

By November 30, 2012December 30th, 2020General, Industry News, Press Releases, RPA News

In early October, the Board of the Reusable Packaging Association adopted a new long-range Strategic Plan. The plan was developed to deliver more benefits to current and potential members while also advancing the reusable packaging industry.

“The development of the plan was motivated in part by our desire to get to the next level as a packaging industry trade association. The RPA has grown considerably and gained organizational strength since its founding. Now, we want to leverage our current strengths to gain and retain members, fulfill their expectations, and represent their interests in a superior manner,” said Mike Hachtman, RPA Chairman of the Board and President ReLogistics.

After much planning and discussion, the Board identified the following three core objectives that will drive the scope and focus of the Association:

Industry Promotion: Increase marketplace acceptance of reusable packaging solutions for continuous growth.

Membership and Member Engagement: Attract a growing and diversified membership and create a collaborative environment to capitalize on opportunities by applying members’ expertise.

Information, Data, and Education: Provide credible resources to accelerate the adoption of reusable packaging systems.

For the next few years, all strategies and tactics undertaken by the RPA will support these three core objectives. Some of the key initiatives in support of the core objectives include:

  • More collaboration with other associations.
  • Increased promotion of the reusable packaging industry by participating in more industry programs and speaking engagements.
  • Establish “communities of interest” to more effectively address key issues and to increase member involvement levels in RPA.
  • Host RPA receptions at major industry events to promote the industry and to facilitate member customer interactions needed to create mutually beneficial business opportunities.
  • Establish working groups to address issues such as asset protection and recovery and to propose an industry developed set of recommendations and/or action items to address these important industry issues.
  • Expand and build new RPA resources like business tools and case studies that document and demonstrate the economic, environmental and other benefits of switching to reusable packaging solutions to educate users.
  • Establish a working group to determine how best to provide statistics and data to better define the characteristics of the reusable packaging industry and to identify new opportunities to document the positive economic and environmental impacts of reusables in the marketplace.
  • Structure relationships with faculty and staff at targeted universities to encourage research on the advantages of reusable packaging from a technology and supply chain perspective.

“The new long range plan is very important for setting the course of the Association for the next few years,” said Jerry Welcome, RPA President. “Equally important, it clearly details for members and prospective members the value they can expect from membership in the RPA.”

“The plan outlines a long-term course of development and strategic position for the Association as a unique trade association in the packaging industry,” added Hachtman. “We are striving to offer a membership value equation that is distinct, unique and compelling.”

The Strategic Plan will be reviewed and updated annually to measure performance against the plan’s priorities; to reflect changes in the expectations of current and future members; and to accommodate ongoing changes in the reusable packaging industry. A more intensive review will occur every three years.

Click on the link to read a copy of the Final RPA_Blueprint_(10-10-12) (2)

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