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Techcycle Technology

800 Town and Country Boulevard #500
Houston, TX 77024

(614) 288-0235


Techcycle Technology Inc. concentrated on helping you achieve better warehouse management, product development, and sales. Our clients include companies that are in the list of the world’s top 500 enterprises. The products that we use to maintain our clients are patented not only in the United States but in China as well. We are indeed a global company that is here to service our clients the best that we can.

One of the patent products we use to help our clients save money is the Green Spider reusable pallet wrap. In almost every warehouse across the globe, companies use the age-old stretch film to secure pallets. This method to secure pallets increases waste, is an ineffective way of securing something, and increases the cost of doing business. Our innovative product, called the reusable pallet wrap, is used thousands of times. As you know, the cost of plastic is increasing every time oil and gas prices increase. For the past 30 years, oil and gas prices have increased tremendously. Thus, the cost of plastic is estimated to grow as well. Your company can benefit from our patent product and eliminate unnecessarily plastic waste by using our reusable pallet wraps.

Internationally speaking, there is a need to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic and plastic related products to help save the environment. Reducing the amount of plastic used will not only help the environment, but also it will make your company appear environmentally friendly.

The design of our products is made with our clients in mind. We produce customized high-quality products that are easy to operate. Included in our high-quality requirement is the need to make the usefulness of the asset as long as possible. This is why our pallet wraps have a service life anywhere from 3 to 5 years long. The pallet wraps only take a person about 45 seconds to install and less than 40 seconds to take off and store. Our innovative pallet wraps save labor, save money and the environment also.

We are the best manufacturer in the world for reusable pallet wraps. We dreamed up this product while helping our clients with their warehouse logistics problems. This product is now available in the United States and is becoming popular worldwide. This product is an achievement and a work of art. The reusable pallet product is a part of our overall company focus to enhance the warehouse and the logistics needs of our clients.

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