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10 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109
(888) 625-6116

OnePak’s customized cloud-based platform enables all stakeholders in any circular logistics process to initiate, manage and track the movement of goods or assets. From tools in the cloud to apps in hand to feet on the street, OnePak provides best-in-class customer experience through mobile-enhanced scheduling, onsite packing, pickup and timely delivery for a range of asset types for any repurpose: reuse, refurbish or recycle.

The thousands of companies that have used OnePak to ship assets might consider OnePak a logistics provider. Others who rely on OnePak for data documenting compliance with regulations may view us as a data provider. We are both.

We are a facilitator of compliance-driven and sustainability-oriented logistics services and we provide a gateway to the data related to those services.

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