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Larson Packaging Company

1000 Yosemite Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 946-4971

280 Cypress Lane
El Cajon, CA. 92020
(619) 579-7166

Larson Packaging Company’s world-class capabilities and small town feel redefines service and professionalism within the crating and packaging industry. When shipping mission-critical, high value and sensitive products, there is no room for error. Without the right packaging—when you need it—you put your products at risk for missing shipments, breakage, or worse.

Our clients rely on us to securely package and safely deliver their products and materials across the globe. Our engineering design and quality ensures easy loading and that everything arrives at the specified destination, on time, and in working condition—without worry, without fail.

Industries we work with:
–  Aerospace, UAV/Drones & Space
–  Cloud & Data Center Infrastructure
–  Electronics & Communications
–  Laser & Optics
–  Medical Device & Life Sciences
–  Military, Defense & Munitions
–  Ocean Science & Marine
–  Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles

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