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iGPS Logistics

315 E. Robinson Street
Suite 520
Orlando, FL 32801
(800) 884-0225

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Logistics LLC) is revolutionizing the world’s supply chain by providing manufacturers, suppliers and shippers with the world’s first RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool. Manufactured to exacting standards, iGPS’s pallets are edge-rackable, lightweight, extremely durable, consistent in size, hygienic, and – thanks to embedded RFID tags – fully traceable. Because they’re more than 30 percent lighter than typical multi-use wood pallets, iGPS pallets are less expensive to ship and cut down on fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions. They are also 100 percent recyclable; in the event that an iGPS pallet is damaged, it is simply recycled into a new one. More than 87 million pounds of post-consumer and post-industrial resin have been used in manufacturing our newest generation of pallets — plastic that may otherwise end up in landfills or in the ocean. IGPS pallets are also ergonomic, easy to clean and sanitize, and due to their consistent shape and weight, they move through supply chain automation systems with ease.
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