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Georg Utz, Inc.

14000 N 250 W
Edinburgh, IN 46124

(812) 526-2240

Georg Utz, Inc. is a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of returnable plastic containers, pallets, component holders and custom solutions.  Working closely with our customer and logistics experts, we develop and manufacture innovative products using both thermoformed and injected molded processes for complex materials handling operations. Our 170,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Indiana provides full-service assistance to industries in North America, Central America and South America. We offer in-house consulting, innovative development, state-of-the-art prototyping and production processes. Along with our U.S. facility, The Utz Group has manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, China and Mexico. The Utz Group is able to create relevant, international solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Our company’s experience and international reach across multiple markets make us the best choice in our industry.

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