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Evolve Packaging LLC

1049 Gateway Blvd.
Norton Shores, MI  49441
(616) 566-2513

With 50+ years of packaging engineering and industry experience we realize the best packaging solutions may not exist today but need to be developed to deliver results.  That is why Evolve Packaging is committed to establishing packaging engineering as a forethought in the product development process, eliminating waste by developing packaging solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our Right-Size Reusable Packaging specifically targets supply chain waste by optimizing container height, pack/trailer density, lead time, product identification and more.  By right-sizing pack heights we are able to reduce the amount of packaging moving through your supply chain.  Lowering costs associated with pack spend, handling, warehousing and freight.  Optimize your space and reduce waste with Evolve Packaging.  Contact us today to talk about your packaging needs,

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