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Eternity Systems

Eternity Systems Headquarters
535, Avenue de Bruxelles
BP 35117
PERPIGNAN Cedex, 66031

+33(0)4 68 68 17 44

Founded in 1994 and based in Perpignan (France), ETERNITY SYSTEMS is the world leader in industrial washing of reusable packaging and containers.
ETERNITY Systems is offering industrial circularity in collecting, transporting, repairing, washing and storing reusable containers and packaging:
  • MT Systems: secondary and tertiary packaging (crates, hoppers, big boxes, pallets) in the food industry => 750 million units washed/year;
  • Industrial Packaging Service: secondary and tertiary packaging (crates, bins, silos, boxes, pallets) to make all supply chains zero waste (cosmetics, e-commerce, automotive‚Ķ) and replace the use of disposable boxes, disposable films, disposable trays, etc.
  • Consumer Packaging Service: primary containers, in particular in glass, stainless steel or plastic (cups, bottles, jars, food containers, catering tray) in retail, commercial & collective restaurants, events for the food industry, cosmetics and detergents . We are present in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Portugal) and North America (USA, Canada). We have also developed an endurance offer with 3 laboratories dedicated to experimentation and endurance to reuse in France and Germany.
  • Finally, we also offer storage and logistics services in all the countries where we are present.

ETERNITY SYSTEMS enjoys a central position within a circular ecosystem bringing together producers, retailers and suppliers of reusable packaging. The development of this ecosystem, which replaces the classic disposable packaging in supplychain (cardboard, wood, polystyrene) and consumption (cups, food boxes, bottles, jars, food trays) makes it possible to meet public health requirements (decontamination of containers), to reduce waste, and to respond the logistics automation and resilience ambitions of actors across all industries.

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