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For over 40 years, Computype has served a diverse range of industries, enabling efficient barcode, labeling, and tracking processes and asset management of mission critical applications.   Through collaboration and a deep understanding of your strategic goals and challenges, we engineer automatic identification solutions that provide tangible benefits to your bottom line.  We help differentiate your products through utilization of color labels and RFID.  Precision-printed and verified barcodes ensure operational excellence and seamless automation integration.  We provide pressure sensitive barcodes, plaque labels, and in-mold label technologies to ensure a tailored solution for your process and needs.  Computype has over 200 employees globally and dual manufacturing sites located in St Paul, MN, USA, and in Hull, UK, we’re proud to provide local support through a global footprint.

2285 West County Road C

St Paul, MN  55113

(800) 328-0852