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Cost Savings with Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging reduces supply chain costs in a variety of ways:

Space efficiencies

Standardized designs optimize stacking efficiency, for higher transport and storage space utilization - both empty and filled with product.

Labor efficiencies

Designed to optimize both manual and mechanical handling (i.e. forklifts), reusable packaging reduces the time needed to perform supply chain activities.

Product protection

Sturdy reusable packaging reduces product damage during transit and handling, and ventilation helps keep perishable items fresher.


Reusable packaging eliminates hazards such as box cutting, staples, exposed nails, or packaging debris that can lead to injuries.

Lower packaging costs

The extended life of reusable packaging (measured in years) results in lower cost per use than single-use packaging.

Reduced packaging waste

Reusables generate less waste than single-use packaging, resulting in lower disposal fees and labor.

Cost Savings News and Resources

July 1, 2020 in Cost Savings

Optimizing Your Returnable Packaging with the Lens of Total Cost in Mind (SlideShare)
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July 1, 2020 in Case Studies, Cost Savings, Environmental

Subaru Case Study: Reaching New Cost and Environmental Goals with Reusables

Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) had an 89% usage rate of reusable packaging for North American supplier direct delivered parts. However, SIA set a challenge to increase that number to…
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August 14, 2020 in Cost Savings, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Food safety, Industry News

All the Right Moves – Aug 2020 Progressive Grocer Article
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November 14, 2016 in Cost Savings, Member News, Press Releases

CHEP’s Packaging Performance Solutions Deliver $1 Million in Savings, ROI Up to 400% for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Chicago, Illinois – November 7, 2016 – During a presentation at PACK EXPO, CHEP’s Ben Eugrin, Director of Supply Chain Solutions, and Mohammad Ansari, Senior Manager of Product Development, outlined…
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July 2, 2020 in Cost Savings, Environmental

Tesla Motors & Veritable Vegetable Reusable Packaging Case Study (Video)
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November 12, 2020 in Blog Posts, Circular Economy, Cost Savings, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Sustainability

Four Reasons Reusable Packaging Is the Best Prescription for Pharma

Reusable transport packaging is ideally suited to addressing pharmaceutical and healthcare industry challenges including IoT, solid waste reduction, ecommerce, and supply chain optimization, and these industries have been deploying reusable…
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November 9, 2020 in Case Studies, Circular Economy, Cost Savings, Environmental, Sustainability

CASE STUDY: Liviri Vino6 Reusable Wine Shipper Improves Temperature Control and Reduces Environmental Impact for Bulgheroni Wines

Traditionally, direct to consumer wine shipments are packed in single-use corrugated cardboard shippers with molded paper pulp trays or expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation and single-use gel cooling packs. Despite the…
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July 1, 2020 in Case Studies, Cost Savings, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Sales Impact

Svenska ReturSystem Case Study: Sweden Standardizes on Reusable Packaging for Grocery Industry

Almost every perishable product for every grocery chain in Sweden is delivered in one of six standardized reusable crates on a reusable plastic pallet. The supply chain includes the majority…
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July 2, 2020 in Cost Savings

RPC Cost Optimization Model from Tosca, Ltd. (Calculator)

This comprehensive analysis pinpoints the areas where Tosca RPCs can improve efficiencies in your supply chain. Access the information on Tosca's website, here.  
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July 1, 2020 in Cost Savings

Reusable Financing Options

Download the presentation here:
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April 6, 2021 in Asset Management, Automated Handling Equipment, Blog Posts, Case Studies, Cost Savings, RPA Blog, Supply Chain Management, Technology

Mission Critical: Reusable Packaging is Optimizing the New Wave of Supply Chain Automation

The synergy between automation and reusables is well established. For example, in manufacturing plants, reusable packaging systems have long played a critical role in presenting precise part placement to facilitate…
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