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Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO is Sold Out

Based on the success of PACKEXPO 2010, RPA members have been quick to reserve their spaces in the Reusable Packaging Pavilion for PACK EXPO 2011 in Las Vegas. Twenty-one suppliers of services and solutions for reusable packaging will exhibit in our sold out 5,000 square foot pavilion.

The Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas will include the following RPA member companies:

Anwood Logistics Systems Co, Ltd. (Booth #6060)
Buckhorn Inc. (Booth #5752)
CABKA North America (Booth #5751)
Container and Pooling Solutions Inc. (CAPS) (Booth #5750)
Coroplast Inc. (Booth #5952)
CHEP (Booth #5749)
CTC Technologies (Booth #5950)
Fitzmark, Inc. (Booth #6063)
IFCO Systems (Booth #5845)
iGPS (Booth #6065)
The Kennedy Group (Booth #5745)
Lomold USA LLC (Booth #5652)
Millwood Incorporated (Booth #5850)
Monoflo International Inc. (Booth #5852)
ORBIS Corporation (Booth #5649)
Polymer Logistics (Booth #5945)
Polymer Solutions International (Booth #5951)
Quick-Crate (Booth 5946)
Rehrig Pacific (Booth #5502)
Schoeller Arca Systems Inc. (Booth #5848)
Trienda (Booth #5948)

PACK EXPO Call for Presentations – May 15 Deadline

One of the most important missions of the Reusable Packaging Association is to educate end users about the benefits of adopting reusable packaging solutions in their supply chains. In keeping with this mission, the RPA will once again host a reusable packaging track in this year’s PACK EXPO Las Vegas Conference program, September 26- 28. Each of the four track sessions will last 60 minutes. These sessions will also be included as part of the RPA’s Choose Reusables Conference Program during the show. The conference sessions will be promoted by the show organizer and the RPA.

All RPA members are invited to submit ideas for these presentations. Presentations should be relevant to some aspect of the adoption of reusable packaging solutions and must be educational in nature (marketing presentations will not be accepted). These presentations should include real world case studies showing the practical and measurable economic, environmental, or social benefits of switching from expendable to reusable transport packaging. Topics that you might want to address in your presentations include:

• Total Systems Cost Analysis/Supply Chain Modeling
• Reusable Packaging Financial Alternatives
• Asset Management (including managing container losses, tracking assets, tracing products in the supply chain)
• How to manage the internal stakeholder alignment process
• Types of Outsourcing – who does what?
• How to choose the right product/solution to meet your supply chain challenge

Case studies that include the end user as part of the presentation will be viewed more favorably by the selection committee. The selection committee will be made up of members of the RPA Education group and RPA staff. To submit an idea for a session, please include the following:

• Title of session
• Summary of key session take away
• Name and background of presenter
• Will session include an end user?
• Will the session be supported by a case study?

For more information or to submit a proposal contact Jerry Welcome, RPA President via e-mail ( no later than May 15, 2011.

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