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Reusable Packaging Association Expands with Three New Members

By May 27, 2016December 30th, 2020General

May 27, 2016, TAMPA, FLORIDA – Three suppliers of reusable transport packaging products and services have joined the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) to benefit from industry-leading initiatives promoting the use and value of reusable packaging systems.  Recent additions to RPA’s membership include the companies:  K. Hartwall, Technology Container Corp, and Hobart.  Each new member brings a diverse portfolio of products to the reusable packaging market and expands RPA’s representation across the transport packaging supply chain.

K. Hartwall, Rye, New York, was founded in 1932 in Söderkulla, Finland, accumulating unparalleled knowledge of logistics processes and their financial and environmental impacts. Today, K. Hartwall provides logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including returnable load carriers and services around them. K. Hartwall works closely with customers around the world and produces measurable benefits through improved logistics flow. Thanks to efficient global delivery capabilities, K. Hartwall is a preferred partner to several companies in retail, dairy, beverage, logistics and lean manufacturing. Website:

Technology Container Corp (TCC), Desoto, Texas, is the world’s largest producer of custom designed, reusable and corrugated plastic containers. TCC’s proprietary, one-step manufacturing process enables service to medium and large distribution systems anywhere globally in a timely and cost-effective basis. TCC customizes containers specifically to distribution needs with no expensive tooling requirements.  TCC’s unique design and manufacturing capabilities include User Friendly, Automatic Locking Bottom or Crash Bottom Designs that set up instantly and save time, materials and labor.  Website:

Hobart, Troy, Ohio, has supported the food equipment and service needs for the foodservice and food retail industries for more than 100 years.  Taking the company’s vast experience in food systems and sanitary environments, Hobart provides state-of-the-art industrial washing equipment for the cleaning and sanitizing of reusable containers and bins.  Hobart is an international company with facilities around the world, including manufacturing plants in the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.  Website:

“The additions of K. Hartwall, Technology Container Corp and Hobart to RPA’s membership continues to strengthen our industry voice and reach across the supply chain,” said Tim Debus, RPA President.  “Through our trade show events, industry promotion activities and committee projects, RPA is advancing reuse as the preferred approach to packaging systems.  We’re pleased that these companies have joined our cause, and we look forward to delivering value back to them for their membership support and participation.”

For more information about RPA and our members, RPA’s website can be found at

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