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WASHINGTON, DC (January 16, 2023) – – The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) is beginning 2023 with new executive committee members and additions to its board of directors.

After serving his term as chairman of the board, Ben Stoller, CEO of Paxxal, has passed the torch to 2022 Vice Chairman Kevin Mazula, CEO of RM2. Mazula will begin his chairman term at the annual board of directors meeting held in January.

“RPA and its members are thankful for Ben’s dedication and service to the reusable packaging industry,” states Mazula in a previous statement. “It has been a dynamic time for reusable packaging as we navigated through the pandemic and began to see more emphasis placed on resilient supply chains. There was an increased opportunity to find new and innovative ways to bring reusable packaging to the forefront.  Not only did the RPA membership experience growth, but reusable packaging stayed top of mind, as more and more manufacturers and consumers sought ways to reduce waste and pollution and create a more circular economy.  Our member companies, combined with Ben’s leadership, allowed the RPA to march forward with its mission to promote the use and value of reusable transport packaging systems – offering product quality, and economic and environmental benefits to supply chains.

Looking forward to 2023, Chairman Mazula is focused on the increasing need to bring together industry trends, innovations, and strategies to educate supply chains about the benefits of reusable packaging products and services.

“As we move past the pandemic and what was deemed a volatile period, exposing vulnerability within supply chains, we are seeing recovery, with many coming back stronger after the disruption – implementing modern ways to minimize waste and cut costs, ensuring a more sustainable and economical infrastructure. We have a great group of companies that make up the RPA membership, and we continue to see them rise to the challenge and answer the call for more reusable resources to further satisfy the need for better reusable packaging products and services and more cost savings,” said Mazula. 

“While serving as the chairman, I am focused on RPA’s growth and impact as we continue to have the reusables conversation and share RPA’s message while meeting the increased market interest and demand from companies who are thinking differently about packaging,” he added.

Other changes to the RPA executive committee include the appointment of Samantha Goetz, Director of Marketing Communications for ORBIS, as the new vice chairman and chair-elect, and Andy Schumacher from SSI Schaefer as the organization’s secretary-treasurer.  Samantha Goetz was the former secretary-treasurer. 

The annual RPA election also resulted in four new board members and three returning directors starting a two-year term (2023-24).  They are:

  1. Graham Connor, Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Support, iGPS Logistics
  2. Aubree Duncan, Global Director of Quality and Food Safety, Tosca
  3. Amy Lathrop, President, Perfect Pallets
  4. Leslie LeMair, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Georg Utz
  5. Steve Russell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cabka
  6. William Wappler, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Surgere
  7. Ben Waterman, Manager of Business Development, Monoflo International

 Returning board members:

  • David Perrine, Director Sales & Partnerships, ACSIS Inc.
  • Morten Bielefeldt, Senior Vice President Sales & Services, Bruel Systems
  • Brandon D’Emidio, Senior Director, Global Product Development, CHEP
  • Zach Riggs, Director of Fulfillment, Pickup Strategy & Product Management, Kroger Company
  • Shawn Stockman, Vice President Sustainability Solutions, OnePak Inc.
  • Jonathan North, Vice President Sustainable & Core Solutions, Rehrig Pacific Company
  • David Kruger, President, TriEnda Corporation

In addition, the Board has established a new “Industry Advisor” position in the executive committee.  Willemijn Peeters, CEO of Searious Business, was appointed to serve in this inaugural role.  The Industry Advisor joins RPA’s leadership team to provide unique insight and guidance on important issues facing the reusable packaging industry.  RPA welcomes the talents and expertise of Ms. Peeters to help lead the association to greater heights in advocating for a reusable systems approach to packaging

About the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA)
RPA is a non-profit trade organization representing and promoting the common business interests of member suppliers and users of reusable packaging products and services.  RPA promotes the use and value of reusable transport packaging systems, which offer supply chain product quality and economic and environmental benefits. For more information, visit our website.

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