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Rehrig Pacific Company Introduces the PubKeg™ Black Exchange Program

BusinessWire · Aug. 16, 2011 | Last Updated: Aug. 16, 2011 8:00 AM ET

Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading manufacturer of plastic pallets, reusable transport & distribution crates, carts and containers for the material handling, food & beverage, agriculture, and recycling & waste industries is pleased to introduce the PubKeg™ Black exchange program, a new pooled solution for 1-way plastic kegs for brewers and beer distributors.

Introduced by Rehrig Pacific in 2009, the plastic PubKeg is a brewer-branded, sixth barrel alternative to metal kegs. Available in a range of standard colors, the PubKeg has a similar footprint to the quarter slim barrel keg, yet weighs nine pounds less than a 1/6th barrel metal keg. PubKegs give brewers a way to enter new markets or introduce seasonal flavors without using existing cooperage or scarce metal kegs during peak periods.

Rehrig is now offering PubKeg Black, a reusable packaging option for higher volume PubKeg customers. The exchange program will provide a pooled solution for 1-way PubKegs. PubKeg customers who can order in full truckload quantities will qualify if they accept a black-colored body and lid with a return-for-deposit label on the PubKeg. As leaders in reusable packaging solutions, Rehrig is collaborating with their subsidiary, Rehrig Penn Logistics to employ their existing reclamation and refurbishment service capabilities to launch the exchange program.

Under the program, each PubKeg Black ordered comes with a $3.50 immediate cash rebate. All black PubKegs returned to one of the 14 designated Rehrig or Rehrig Penn recycling depots will receive an additional refund of $3.50 payable to the returnee whether it’s the brewer, the distributor, the retailer, or the bar owner. This recycling program will allow the same no-hassle shipping and tracking capabilities offered by the standard PubKeg purchase.

For a closer look at the PubKeg, visit Rehrig Pacific in booth #S-5502 at Pack Expo Las Vegas from September 26th to 28th and at the Great American Beer Festival from September 28th through October 1st in Denver, Colorado. To find out more about the features and benefits of the PubKeg™ Black Exchange Program, contact Brian Lindell at (770) 339-9888 or visit: For more information about Rehrig Pacific Company and their products for the material handling, food & beverage and agriculture industries, visit:

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