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Reusable Packaging Pavilion at MODEX 2020: Featured Exhibitors

The Reusable Packaging Pavilion at MODEX 2020 takes place March 9-12 in Atlanta, with RPA member exhibitors of reusable transport packaging products and related services. Here, you’ll find innovative, sustainable packaging solutions to improve efficiency and lower environmental impact. In the adjacent Sustainability Theater, hear presentations on the latest trends and innovations from sustainable packaging experts, Monday thru Wednesday, from 10:30am – 4:15pm (ends at 2:15pm on Wednesday).

Vantage Plastics (Booth #6593) is a custom thermoforming manufacturer with featured product lines and proprietary materials.We develop products such as dunnage, plastic pallets, trays, and many other customized material handling solutions. We work with a variety of industries to ensure their parts and products are moving safe and efficiently in a cost-effective approach, understanding the right packaging and protection can make a major impact on your bottom line.

vantage plastics pallet pack
vantage plastics bins

We are vertically integrated, making us a one stop shop for all your packaging needs. Vantage Plastics has a heavy focus in Research and development and innovation, ensuring we are working as efficiently as possible. We are an eco-friendly manufacturing plant with in-house materials management and recycling facility.

Vantage Plastics is new to the trade show industry and we are excited to see the traction and connections it can help us pursue. We will he displaying some of our new custom products at Modex 2020.

DS Smith Extruded Products (Booth #6291)is a major player in the manufacturing and processing of extruded plastics sheets and thermoformed products. Our AkyPak® Reusable Packaging and Bulk Containers offer a wide range of reusable and adaptable transit packaging for a variety of markets. AkyPak are multi-functional, eco-friendly and cost effective and designed according to our customers’ requirements. From AkyPak Boxes, to AkyPak Bins and AkyPak Containers you have a full range of returnable transit packaging coming with different dimensions.

AkyPure is the hygienic packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. It consists of hygienic, fiber-free, moisture resistant packaging solutions manufactured in compliance with International Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to established quality standards.

Developed in collaboration with key players in the industry, the line of AkyPure Polypropylene Hygienic Packaging has been designed to reduce contamination risks associated with other alternative packaging. The AkyPure line of extruded polypropylene packaging comes in three distinct products: AkyPure Tray, AkyPure Box and AkyPure bulk container.

Relogistics (Booth #6391) provides companies with pallet and container management services, helping them realize the efficiencies and opportunities of a professional, scalable, effective, third-party workforce — without the costs and risks associated with staffing and managing warehouse labor. We support customers at over 60 locations, processing more than 335,000 trailers, handling over 85 million pallets, and 115 million reusable containers annually.

Relogistics’ goal is to be a strategic partner with our customers’ best interests in mind. We’re a service provider — not a pooler or recycler. We analyze costs to find efficiencies and get a baseline on how to save you money.

Relogistics’ programs provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to handling reusable and recyclable transport packaging and turning trailers more quickly, ultimately reducing transportation costs. Our proprietary software, Velocity, allows us to take your data and develop and recommend solutions to increase your efficiency and profitability and give you access to everything we handle for your business.

Our expert team brings 200+ combined years of industry experience, working collaboratively with our customers to understand their businesses and finding solutions to issues in their supply chains. We work with the nation’s largest retailers and key national associations to develop best-practices; allowing us to impart useful industry information to our customers.

FilmLOC (Booth #6393) will feature INTELLI-PLAC®, a patented placard label holder, for labeling and re-labeling reusable containers, totes, and pallets, shelves, equipment, warehouse racking, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates, trade show containers and many other items.

INTELLI-PLAC® placards are the only placards on the market that are manufactured with no silicone or other top coating to wear off or contaminate the workplace.  INTELLI-PLAC® are the only placards that can be recycled without being removed from plastic containers/totes – # 2HDPE and # 5 PP. FilmLOC is also featuring INTELLI-PLAC®/XTR with RFID embedded intelligence that makes it easy to track assets.

The company is excited to introduce their two newest products: INTELLI-PLAC® Sign Boards for retail and industrial signage and their INTELLI-PLAC® Retail Packs.

Craemer US will be located at booth #6491 and happy to welcome you to the world of high-quality reusable plastic pallets. More and more companies are making the switch to reusable plastic load carriers and are benefiting from the advantages of durable, long-term and cost-efficient material handling solutions. The exceptional quality and proven long lifetime of Craemer plastic pallets convinces clients worldwide. At MODEX, Craemer will showcase the CR3-5 pallet which stands out with its blue anti-slip strips on the top deck that ensure maximum load safety. The CR3-5 was designed for use across all industries and is made to stand the test of time with daily heavy loads in high-rack warehouses or automated processes.

craemer plastic pallet cr 3-5
craemer plastic pallet

Craemer is a specialist in plastic pallets and offers more than 50 years of expertise in the development and manufacturing of high-quality plastic load carriers. In 2018, the German company with over 100 years of tradition as a family-owned business opened a corporation office in Palm Harbor, Florida. The new office brings Craemer into closer proximity to serve existing and new clients with the best possible service.

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