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Preview the Reusable Packaging Pavilion at Pack Expo: Part 2

There’s even more to love about the Reusable Packaging Pavilion at Pack Expo, taking place September 23-25 in Las Vegas. With 35 exhibitors of reusable transport packaging products and related services, you can find innovative, sustainable packaging solutions to improve efficiency and lower environmental impact. In the Reusable Packaging Learning Center, hear the latest trends and innovations from industry experts on Monday and Tuesday from 11am – 3pm.

Here’s even more of what the RPA Pavilion has to offer:

Worldwide Foam (Booth # 8309) Worldwide Foam is the Platinum Distributor of Zotefoams’ AZOTE® series. AZOTE® is the group brand name for Zotefoams’ closed cell, cross-linked polyolefin foams. The unique nitrogen expansion process results in a consistency of cell structure and a variety of vivid colors. Each AZOTE® foam is formulated to satisfy a specific range of applications. They represent the best-in-class solution for the desired range of mechanical characteristics. The major benefits include extremely low odor, no outgassing, exceptional isotropic physical performance, and ease and consistency in fabrication.

The Azote series XLPE foams are used in a variety of industries including:

  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Sports
  • Marine
  • Industrial

Monoflo International (Booth # 8116) Monoflo International is committed to driving value to its customers and partners through its culture of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Family owned and operated since 1973, Monoflo is a leading manufacturer of reusable, high-pressure injection molded plastic containers and pallet systems for manufacturing and distribution needs.

Leveraging cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience, Monoflo manufactures cost-effective, reusable packaging products with best-in-class durability and strength. With its team of design, engineering, and industry experts Monoflo offers innovative solutions to optimize any supply chain.

National Cart (Booth # 8114) National Cart is a leading manufacturer of material handling products and custom design cart solutions. If you’re looking for solutions that can help improve your efficiency and productivity in your warehouse or distribution center, stop by the National Cart booth to see their line of carts that help solve supply chain challenges. Many of their carts and totes that will be on display at Pack Expo can be continuously repurposed throughout the facility.  They offer innovative ways that can transform your supply chain such as reducing the needs of shrink wrap, pallets, and storage space. Their carts provide a safe and efficient way to transport goods through the warehouse and distribution centers to the packaging center.

Their carts can be customized to fit the needs of your facility, such as aisles width, tote size, picking volume and SKU composition.

Their main campus is located in St. Charles, Missouri and is home to the corporate office. To better serve their west coast customers, a second manufacturing and distribution facility is located in Reno, Nevada. Learn more at

FilmLOC (Booth # 8220) will feature INTELLI-PLAC®, a patented placard label holder, for labeling and re-labeling reusable containers, totes, and pallets, shelves, equipment, warehouse racking, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates, trade show containers and many other items.

INTELLI-PLAC® placards are the only placards on the market that are manufactured with no silicone or other top coating to wear off or contaminate the workplace.  INTELLI-PLAC® are the only placards that can be recycled without being removed from plastic containers/totes – # 2HDPE and # 5 PP. FilmLOC is also featuring INTELLI-PLAC®/XTR with RFID embedded intelligence that makes it easy to track assets.

The company is excited to introduce their two newest products: INTELLI-PLAC® Sign Boards for retail and industrial signage and their INTELLI-PLAC® Retail Packs.

Black Forest Containers (Booth # 8211) will feature their line of Aseptic Pharma Containers and High Barrier /Dunnage Free Bag-in-Box solutions.

The new Aseptic Pharma Container with Magnetic Stirrer was developed for specialty product applications in the pharmaceutical industry, ready for blending valuable products. This design is offered with the stirrer in various sizes to suit every application. Black Forest is the leading distributor in North America of closed loop custom equipment and multi-trip stainless steel packaging systems.

Their product offerings include: stainless steel containers, intermediate bulk containers, mini-bulks, totes, ASME pressure vessels, process tanks, storage tanks, flasks, bottles, fermenters, wine equipment and process drums.  Their Bag-in-Box multi-use bags are ideal for packaging dairy products, edible oils, sauces, liquid eggs, wine, fruits & vegetables and aseptic products.

In addition, Black Forest Resources, LLC the sister company of BFCS, offers a container leasing program.  The rental fleet consists of high quality intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s), totes, portable tanks, mini-bulks  and small volume chemical and general purpose containers for the agriculture, chemical, cosmetic, food, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.

The Kennedy Group (Booth # 8208), originators of the placard label holder system, is introducing the next generation placard label holder system. The Kennedy Group has evolved the original line to include single, sequential and variable barcode requirements and RFID placard label holder solutions. Now, the new placard label holder system can identify containers and pallets with single, sequential or variable data barcodes or RFID tags that allows customers to keep track of reusable containers, racks and pallets. In addition, the new placard label holding system can help customers manage inventory replenishment by simply scanning the placard barcode or RFID tag.

Original Kennedy Placard Label Holder with HOLD & RELEASE technology

Original Kennedy Placard Label Holder with HOLD & RELEASE technology

The new placard label holder system has been designed with The Kennedy Group’s Hold & Release technology to allow easy application and removal of identification or information labels that get applied to the face of the placard label holders. Placard label holders eliminate the time-consuming task of having to scrape off old labels.


The Kennedy Group has been a family-owned and operated business since its inception in 1974 and continues to be a leader in providing market-tested and innovative solutions to help customers package, promote, identify and track products throughout their life cycle.

Check out our Pack Expo Preview Part 1 for more on the exciting solutions you’ll see in the Reusable Packaging Pavilion at Pack Expo 2019!

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