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The Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas takes place September 27-29 in Las Vegas, NV, with RPA member exhibitors of reusable transport packaging products and related services. Here, you’ll find innovative, sustainable packaging solutions to improve efficiency and lower environmental impact. Take a look at what the Pavilion has in store!

Booth #7906

Stop by Craemer’s booth to see the company’s innovative line of sturdy, durable multi-use plastic pallets.

Heavy Duty CR4-5 Plastic Pallet – New! Made for the US

  • Dimensions (in): 48 x 40 x 5.9
  • Ideal for high rack warehouses or automated processes within a variety of industries
  • Pure HDPE, one-piece design
  • 5 runners, unwelded (three longitudinal and two transverse)
  • Palgrip® anti-slip strips on the top deck and 0.20 inch lips for maximum load safety, ventilated deck style
  • With or without five reinforcement rods
  • Rackable and stackable
  • Download the brochure here


Totally Closed Hygiene TC3-5 Plastic Pallet

  • Dimensions (in): 47.6 x 39.7 x 6.3
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical or food & beverage cleanroom applications
  • Pure HDPE, one-piece design
  • Highly hygienic pallet with high resistance to damage thanks to solid wall thickness
  • Flat and solid deck style – Totally Closed – permanently completely closed plastic pallet
  • Three or five-runner, unwelded with chamfered openings on both sides of the runners
  • Full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip top deck for secure transportation even in damp conditions
  • Rackable and stackable
  • Download the brochure here



Booth #7911

Perfect Pallets’ booth will feature the company’s nesting plastic pallets with Microban® antimicrobial technology product protection embedded throughout the pallet to prevent microbes from growing on the surface of the pallets. For food producers and the pharmaceutical industry, this provides another layer of hygienic protection. 

According to the company, “We understand the importance of cleanliness.  That’s why we have partnered with Microban® to provide a cleaner pallet option for our customers.  Perfect Pallets, with the Microban® antimicrobial technology product protection, helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the pallet.  Pallets stay cleaner for longer and cleaner in between cleanings.  However, this does not eliminate the need for regular pallet cleaning.”

You can download additional product information here.

Booth #8001

ORBIS’ booth will showcase a variety of the company’s latest innovations for e-commerce and small format retail, including:

Odyssey® Pallet 48 – 40, 100% recyclable, made of 100% recycled HDPE

  • Frictional mold-in element to keep loads in place without shifting 
  • Supports loads up to 2800 pounds 
  • Designed for use in automated systems
  • Unique racks; great overall pallet for racking and stacking
  • Cold chain, food, retail, consumer goods, pharma

The 40 x 48 Odyssey® pallet is a robust reusable plastic packaging solution that supports heavy loads up to 2,800 pounds and provides stability with unique design features, including optional steel reinforcements and permanent molded-in frictional elements. This anti-slip pallet feature minimizes load shifting, does not damage cases or product, and prevents pallet slippage off fork equipment. The flow-through hygienic design of the Odyssey affords easy cleanability, and the full stringer bottom and dimensional consistency provides seamless conveyance through automated systems. Despite the robust construction of the Odyssey, it is still ergonomic and lightweight, with comfortable handholds for easy manual handling. The all-plastic construction makes it easily cleanable and also recyclable at the end of service life.

 The Odyssey is fit for a wide variety of applications and markets, including general food processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and dry goods. Customizable to fit the needs of each specific application, the Odyssey is available in four standard versions with several add-ons including RFID tagging, frictional elements, lip, logos and more. 

Wheeled “Pally” 

  • 42” x 30”
  • For drug stores, c-stores, dollar stores
  • Smaller pallets store associates can wheel in from dock to shelf, minimizes disruption


eCommerce Carts for Order Picking, for use in- stores as well as distribution centers


OptiBulk™ Sleeve Pack

  • Replacement for gaylords and pallets
  • Fold into each other for return trips. 50% increase in space savings. 
  • Replacement for single use wood pallets and corrugated
  • For primary packaging products (preforms, caps, closures)
  • Ergonomic

Booth #8004

Liviri’s booth will feature two of the company’s reusable insulated shipping and e-commerce products:

LIVIRI SPRINT45 is a durable, reusable, nestable box that helps grocers, specialty food companies and produce shippers with staging and delivery. High-performance insulation provides flexible options for chilled storage, keeping contents in the safe temp zone for 12+ hours and reducing the need for onsite and in-transit refrigeration. Its nestable design streamlines storage in warehouses, crowded stores and during last-mile return legs. Download the product information sheet here

Vino6 is a wine shipping cooler designed for safe, cost-effective shipping. By eliminating weather holds and allowing year-round deliveries, your customers get the wine they want, when they want it, while your operations run more smoothly and consistently. Since the entire container is reusable, it’s also a sustainable solution that eliminates single-use styrofoam, corrugate and ice packs. Download the product information sheet here

Booth #8008

TriEnda’s booth will be featuring three of the companies latest reusable packaging solutions:

BigPak® Sleeve Packs

  • Reusable bulk container that lowers cost and improves convenience
  • Lightweight, interchangeable pallets and lids in 6 sizes and configuration options
  • Durable and hygienic sleeve packs that keep your cargo safe over multiple uses
  • Download consolidated brochure here or view all sizes on TriEnda’s website here


Heavy Duty DC6 Pallet

  • Twin sheet plastic pallet that is compatible with similar models
  • Impact absorbing TriMax™ design for added stiffness and durability
  • Lightweight for better ergonomics
  • Oval leg design for minimized damage and ergonomic hand holes
  • Options of TruGrip™ material, stripe identification, grommets, custom logos or labels, RFID, Coditherm, Drain holes, Cargo lip
  • Download the brochure here or view on TriEnda’s website here


Delivery Cart

  • Narrow deck
  • Lightweight design
  • Four castered wheels that allow the cart to easily maneuver through tight spaces
  • Perimeter lip which prevents product slide-offs
  • Download the brochure here or view on TriEnda’s website here


Booth #8019

Combo Excelsior Hybrid® – 2021 WorldStar Award Winner (watch the video)

  • 48”x 40” IBC for all types of liquid food and beverage products
  • 5-high stack loaded; 14-high folded, to maximize floor space and transport efficiency
  • Folds down 29% lower than leading container, enabling more collapsed containers on return load
  • Innovative ergonomic design features drop-down door so workers can easily situate liner bags
  • New valve system at the bottom and capacity of 15,000 lbs.

MaxiNest eTail

  • Developed in response to demand for retail order picking
  • Handheld stackable and nestable tote for grocers’ and other retailers’ in-store and warehouse online order fulfillment
  • Designed for retail online order fulfillment.


JumboNest (watch the video)

  • 48”x40” stackable and nestable bulk container for meat and poultry products
  • Maximizes floor space in the facility and during transportation
  • 100% food-grade plastic; no liner required
  • Can hold up to 1323 pounds of meat/poultry
  • Filled, they stack 3 high in a trailer; nest 9 high for return trip


Prelog® Clever Move Box (CMB) foldable small container

  • Excellent packaging alternative for valuable non-food applications
  • Strong, stable and stackable and can be used for the transport of a wide range of products
  • Hand holes on the short sides make the container easy to carry. With a seal, contents can be secured against theft
  • Flat base and the absence of ribs make this container suitable for handling on an automated conveyor

Booth #8013

Elkhart Plastic will showcase Reusable Tuff Series Intermediate Bulk Containers, reusable pallets, and the company’s KONG Coolers. The company is also a full-service custom rotomolding manufacturer. They make custom reusable protective packaging and several other types of products for customers across the country. You can learn more about these capabilities on the company’s website, or in this brochure.

Booth #8017

ID Plastics will feature the ID Sleeve Pack (download brochure here), a sleeve pack system that offers big advantages in storage and transport of many types of goods.

Developed by German engineers, and manufactured in the U.S.A.  The ID Pack consists of a self-locking top lid, a sleeve where height can be customized, and (4) safety locks in the pallet base.  This system is capable of meeting the tough demands of commercial transport. The lid and pallet base of the ID Pack are made from tough high-density polyethylene (HDPE Black).  The rock-solid sleeve is made from polypropylene (PP grey).

Benefits include:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Moisture and rot-proof
  • UV resistance
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Up to 80% volume reduction
  • Reusable again and again, and
  • RFID capability


The ID Pack is available for purchase, rental, or lease. ID Plastics offers the following standard sizes for the ID Pack:

  • 32 x 48 and weighs 51 pounds.
  • 40 x 48 and weighs 64 pounds.
  • 45 x 48 and weighs 73 pounds.

The ID Packs can hold 1100 pounds each with a permissible top load of 4850 pounds.

Soon, the company will launch the following new ID Packs that will also be standard sizes:  24 x 32 and 59 x 48.

Booth #8104

The Kennedy Group, originators of the placard label holder system,  is featuring the next generation Placard label holder systems. The Kennedy Group has evolved the original line to include single, sequential, and variable barcode requirements and RFID placard label holder solutions. 

Now, the placard label holder system can identify containers and pallets with single, sequential, or variable data  barcodes or RFID tags which allow customers to keep track of reusable containers and pallets. In addition, barcode and RFID placard label holders can help customers manage inventory replenishment by simply scanning the placard barcode or RFID tag. The integration of barcode and RFID technology into the placard increases productivity,  security, and confidence while reducing risk and providing overall cost savings. 

The placard label holder system has been designed with The Kennedy Group’s HOLD & RELEASEtechnology to allow easy application and removal of identification or information labels that get applied to the face of the placard label holders. Placard label holders eliminate the time-consuming task of having to scrape off old labels. 

The Kennedy Group will also be featuring additional warehouse identification solutions including the Kennedy rack placard, warehouse location signs and a complete line of durable nameplates designed for outdoor exposure, high and low temperatures, and other harsh environmental conditions. 

Our comprehensive selection of RFID solutions will also be on display, including: 

  • SmartTherm® Label – Designed for one-time use when identifying and tracking objects moving through the supply chain. Labels are constructed either with direct thermal and thermal transfer materials or a high-performance film product that is versatile enough for multiple applications.  
  • Smart Nameplate® – Ideal for permanent identification and asset management, this durable, pressure-sensitive film product withstands harsh environments
  • RFID Buddy Tag – A custom die-cut label that incorporates labels with an RFID inlay and labels with human-readable numbers or bar codes. These labels are ideal for document tracking, shipping, and reusable totes/pallets. 


Booth #8114

48forty Solutions is proud to be North America’s largest and fastest-growing provider of Pallet Recycling and on and off-site Total Pallet Management Services. The company helps manufacturers, retailers, growers, and shippers with supply management solutions to keep their supply chains moving. 48forty companies provide unparalleled support to customers’ supply chains by delivering integrated end-to-end pallet, labor, TPM and logistics solutions.

Download a map of 48forty’s locations here.


  • Pallet Supply + Retrieval
  • New & Custom Pallets
  • Recycled Pallets
  • On and off-site Total Pallet Management Services (TPM)
  • Labor Services
  • Vendor Compliance Audits
  • Container Sorting/Management & Recycling
  • Custom Pallet Solutions


  • 300+ Million Pallets Handled Annually
  • 46 Company-owned and operated plants across U.S. and Canada
  • 162+ Retail Onsite Locations
  • 10 Reverse Logistics Centers
  • 122+ Million Reusable Containers Processed Annually
  • 850+ Partners Provide Scalable Coverage
  • 4,500+ Trailers
  • 300 Tractors (one of the nation’s largest private fleet)
  • 4,000+ Employees

Booth #8118

ACSIS will feature the ACSIS Cloud for Reusable Packaging & Other Returnable Assets (download brochure)

Watch the video

As returnable assets move through the supply chain and are scanned, deviations in contextual data, such as temperature or stability readings, can trigger an automated alert to the manufacturer, customer or partner. Issues can be flagged and resolved immediately, through quarantine for example. The ACSIS cloud also tracks mass movements of returnable assets by allowing the nesting of returnable assets for shipping and receiving.
As returnable assets are received, they are scanned and registered to validate delivery date and time. Location information can include the building, department, floor and shelf. ACSIS fully supports GS1’s Global Location Number (GLN) and Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI) standards.
ACSIS integrates and shares data with internal systems and devices as well as external touchpoints – including contract manufacturers, customers, third-party warehouses, and repair centers – enabling real-time collaboration for better decision-making.

Booth #8120

PTM’s booth will showcase the company’s Stamina Pallet 48″ x 40″:

  • Top deck anti-slip pads inserted with double injection
  • Unique structural block design for impact endurance
  • Welded plastic parts for exceptional rigidity
  • Bottom deck with optional metal reinforcement
  • Encapsulated metal reinforcement to prevent rust
  • Smooth surface design to facilitate cleaning
  • Anti-slip under top deck to stability in forks; optional safety lips

Booth #8205

Vantage Plastics, an innovative cut sheet custom thermoformer of plastics located in Standish, Michigan. They have challenged traditional thermoforming design limitations and developed a revolutionary patent-pending new approach to thermoforming design that can increase shipping/storage part volume up to thirty percent (30%) in some cases. The new design solution is called VanStack. It is a smart new packaging solution for material handling applications. In one case it saved a company over $819,000 over its packaging life cycle compared to standard packaging design.

VanStack design used with thermoformed plastics creates a robust, reusable, and recyclable alternative for material handling needs. Since each container can hold more parts the number of containers needed can be reduced. It will be a featured product on display at the RPA pavilion in the Vantage Plastics’ booth at this years’ PACK EXPO.

Booth #8211

iGPS will feature their RFID-enabled pooled plastic pallet. You may download brochure here and watch the video here.

Booth #8213


Haidlmair will present the company’s entire range of molds, with a focus on beverage crates; rigid, collapsible and foldable crates; pallets; and pallet containers. Haidlmair is highly focused on sustainability, having just achieved the status of climate neutrality at the end of August as the result of various efforts:

  • 85% of the company’s vehicle fleet is comprised of hybrid or fully electrical cars
  • 100% of energy use is from renewable resources
  • Molds have been made more sustainable by utilizing steel from local suppliers, and a more compact design to enable use of the molds with smaller machines, resulting in less energy consumption and shorter cycle time, among other benefits

Learn more at Haidlmair’s website. 



Booth #8214

CargoTuff’s booth will highlight the company’s reusable dunnage solutions, including:

Level 1 Dunnage Bags

The B-52 Dunnage Air Bag is made of woven polypropylene and is 52”wide, giving the bag that extra expansion needed to fill a larger void up to 30”wide, which is especially useful on single pallet applications. It can be used as a great alternative to drop-down, corrugated void filler. It’s less expensive, incurring lower freight costs per unit and does not take up as much space on the warehouse floor. These bags can be inflated in the void or outside the void and pushed into position. You can watch the video here.

The Dually bag,  is the ultimate replacement for square bags, used in applications with voids larger than 12”. It offers significant cost savings as it is lighter and easier to handle than a square bag, and fills quickly with dual inflation system or traditional single hose. It can be reused on over the road applications (watch videos here).

PAM (Portable Air Master)  our PAM unit is focused on energy saving,  with stronger fiber reinforced housing, a more powerful motor, hose with screw-on connections, two 6600mAh batteries, a charger, and a centered shoulder strap. For videos on PAM watch here and here.

Booth #8215

Embedded Cellular Modems:  These are end-device certified, which means you are able to avoid the cost and time involved in the process.  Buy It Certified, Deploy Faster.  We also enable easy connectivity and dynamic NimbeLink Support.

Crash Course – Cellular Tech. Overview.  Pt 1

Crash Course – Cellular Hardware Considerations Pt. 2

Crash Course – Prototype to Production. Pt. 3


  1. Enable fast deployment
  2. Carrier certification complete, no additional work required
  3. Small form-factor Skywire standard interface
  4. Consistent footprint provides an easy migration path to future technologies

Asset Tracking SolutionsHighly Configurable, Easy to Deploy, Multi-Use Asset Trackers.  Our customers are deploying these globally to track medicines, mechanical parts and agriculture products

among many other valuable and sometimes unique items.


  1. Enable fast deployment
  2. Carrier certification complete, no additional work required
  3. Small form-factor Skywire standard interface
  4. Consistent footprint provides an easy migration path to future technologies

Antenna Solutions:  Adopted by some of the world’s leading telecom manufacturers and networking companies, Airgain Antennas and are being used by millions of carrier subscribers in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America

Booth #8310

Premium Quality Packaging XLPE Foams, Exclusive to Worldwide Foam

When it comes to colored crosslinked polyethylene foam (XLPE), no one comes close to Zotefoams. The unique nitrogen expansion process results in a consistency of cell structure and a variety of vivid colors. The Azote series XLPE is ideal for tool control, case inserts, healthcare, and medical packaging applications. If you are looking for consistent and vibrant colored foam, Azote series is in stock for immediate shipment.

Being the Platinum Distributor of Zotefoams in North America, We also carry Worldwide Foam exclusive 1.9 lb/ft3 Zotefoams product. It is less expensive and stocked in a more fabricator-friendly size than traditional Zotefoams Azote product line! Available in 5 different colors, this exclusive new product will offer all the Zotefoam high-performance advantages of no VOCs, consistent cell structure and density, moldability, vibrant colors, and superior performance at a lighter weight than traditional XLPE products.

All of this makes it a great option for a wide range of packaging applications.

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