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RIVERSIDE, Calif., Jan 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Polymer Logistics, a leading provider of retail ready packaging solutions, today announced the premiere of the Dynamic Half Bin Shipper Container, which is designed to improve merchandising opportunities in the store and increase productivity throughout the supply chain. The Dynamic Half Bin Shipper Container features a spring-loaded base that lowers as product is placed inside and rises as product is selected from the bin, resulting in easy picking and greater product visibility as well as reduced replenishment costs. This truly innovative solution has proven to be a major contributor to an improved shopper experience by customers resulting in a very noticeable sales increase.

The Dynamic Half Bin Shipper Container has a wheeled base to enable safe and easy handling at the processing plant, in the distribution center and at the store. It is also more environmentally sustainable than traditional packaging and offers significant cost savings when compared with disposable material.

“The Dynamic Shipper Container is an eye-catching, multi-purpose bin used to safely and efficiently transport, store and display a wide range of food products. The key for both the merchandising improvements and the productivity enhancements is the spring-loaded base that makes it easy for the processors to load and even easier for the shopper to purchase from. The shopper no longer needs to bend over and reach for the desired bag or box. It is there in plain sight for the taking. We see it as especially useful for the presentation of loose product such as bagged produce” said Jim Vangelos, President – US, Polymer Logistics.

The many benefits of the Dynamic Half Bin Shipper Container include built in signage slots for promotional/logistics information, robust construction that limits potential product damage and a unique design that replaces traditional shelving to reduce the time and cost of replenishment. They are foldable, nestable and stackable to optimize truck and storage space, available with or without a logo and in several colors.

The specifications of the Dynamic Half Bin Shipper Container are:

Dimensions: 39 3/8″ x 23 5/8″ x 30 5/8″ Weight: 66 lbs. Load Capacity: 440 lbs. Typical product uses: loose and bagged produce, other bulk fast moving items

The Dynamic Half Bin Shipper Container is made of polypropylene and is usable in temperatures ranging from -4 deg to 120 deg F.

About Polymer Logistics


Established in 1994, Polymer Logistics enables retailers worldwide to optimize their supply chains by offering customized retail ready packaging solutions and logistics services. The company has a consistent track record of helping clients reduce overall costs by up to 60% while simultaneously increasing in-store item availability. Polymer Logistics numbers over 15 service centers and wash sites with dedicated local teams in the USA and Western and Central Europe.

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