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Polymer Logistics Debuts ‘CleanPal’ FoodSafe Plastic Pallet In USA

cleanpal-palletRIVERSIDE, Calif. – Polymer Logistics, the leader in retail-ready packaging pooling, has announced the launch of the “CleanPal” brand of nestable plastic pallet in the USA with pilots with two customers for perishable goods in four categories: Produce, Meat, Dairy, and Bakery.

When compared to traditional wood pallets, the CleanPal 40x48nestable plastic pallet eliminates the risk of cross contamination from bacteria and offers a lower operational cost to the shipper and a rebate of 50 cents to the retailer.

“Wood pallets became the standard in last fifty years, but they are far from ideal,” said Polymer Logistic USA COO Danny Bartal, who added that wood pallets are dirty, heavy, and have a very high damage rate and costs. “They are very inefficient in the transport of empties, wasting storage space. All this leads to very expensive operational costs.”

Polymer Logistics offers a complete system of pallets that addresses racking requirements with a metal mesh fixture that meets load and insurance flammability specifications. With lower prices from Polymer, return on investment (ROI) for metal mesh is expected to be six months.

Contrary to wood pallets, “Cleanpal” pallets have very low damage rate, accurate dimensions, and lower weight, dramatically lowering transport and storage costs.

“The new clean eco-friendly pallet is also perfect for the safe transport of crates,” said Bartal.

For more information about this next generation of smart pallets, visit


About Polymer Logistics:

Polymer Logistics is a global leader in Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP). We provide world-class plastic container and pallet pooling services, working closely with manufacturers, suppliers/packers and retailers alike to ensure cost-effective logistics solutions and maximum in-store product availability. Aligned with our pooling service is our innovative design and manufacturing capability. Our extensive range of returnable transport, storage and display products includes collapsible bins, folding, nesting and stackable crates, together with reusable dollies and pallets. These offer substantial costs benefits, are more environmentally friendly than traditional one-way transit packaging and are robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands of retail supply chain logistics for many years. For more information:

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