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pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems Expands Distribution Reach into Latin America

MODESTO, CA, 7/21/2013 —United Pallet Services, Inc. announced today that they have formally entered into a license agreement with Grupo Mitasa of San Jose, Costa Rica that will grant exclusive rights to sell, market, and manufacture all of the products from its new division, The pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems. This agreement covers all of Mexico, Central America, South America, as well as all countries in the Caribbean. “We could not have chosen a company that was a better fit for us and The pointGUARD products”, said Wayne Randall, President of United Pallet Services, Inc. “They have a strong history of successful product development and sales across the many countries in Latin America.”

The pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems offers several innovative and patented plastic inserts that attach to the entry points of a wood pallet, protecting it from forklift and strapping damage and defending the product traveling on the pallet as well. Companies see a significant cost savings by using the attachment on a captive or closed loop pallet float.

Grupo Mitsa’s is a manufacturing, machinery, and logistics company that has been in business for over 30 years whose primary business is selling injection molding machinery but has recently launched its own plastics product division. United Pallet Services, Inc. has been working on the contract with Mitasa since the two organizations met at the ProMat trade show in Chicago this past January. Miguel Yin Kuo, president of Grupo Mitasa indicated that The pointGUARD was “the biggest invention in the world of pallet systems. We are very confident that with this product we will change the pallet handling market as we know it. We feel that we are participating in an economical and sustainability revolution in the material handling industry.”

Grupo Mitasa’s sales team have already presented The pointGUARD products to several companies and have begun trial testing the LX40S and LX40B products to several agricultural growers in Mexico. “We truly believe in this revolutionary product and its potential to solve many of the current problems encountered in the field of logistics. We are sure that with this partnership, The pointGUARD will become a great success,” said Siben Yin, Director of Products for Mitas.

Randall and Callen Cochran, Business Development Manager for United Pallet Services, Inc., recently toured the Mitasa facility in Costa Rica and met most of the employees that will be working on the new venture. “When you look at the potential market in Latin America, you realize that there are millions of captive pallets in use and the possible cost savings for these companies is incredible,” said Cochran. “We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Grupo Mitasa. Miguel runs an incredible operation here in Costa Rica and any future license agreements we sign with other companies will have big shoes to fill.”
UPSI was started in 1994 when two pallet companies merged to form one of Northern California’s largest pallet companies. Always keeping an eye out towards innovating trends, they are poised to meet the demands and challenges that face the pallet industry in the future.

Grupo Mitasa is a Costa Rican manufacturing, machinery and logistics company with offices in Mexico and Taiwan as well. They are committed to providing high quality products, maintaining the most efficient production available and developing the most professional service possible. Their dedication, responsibility and loyalty to God, their partners, customers and employees enable them to strengthen their ties with the Latin American community as they work together towards the development and sustainable growth of the industry in Latin America.

CONTACT: Callen Cochran
pointGUARD/United Pallet Services, Inc.

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