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pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems Completes European Partnership Agreement

By November 13, 2013December 30th, 2020General, Industry News, Member News, Pallets, Products, RPA News

pointGUARD Europe Press Release - Photo #1Modesto, California, USA, 11/12/2013 —United Pallet Services, Inc. (UPSI) signed off today on a license agreement that formally grants ILS Global GmbH – Innovative Logistic Solutions of Zag, Switzerland exclusive rights to sell, market, and manufacture all of the products from its new division, The pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems in Europe. This agreement will also cover Russia and Israel.  “We are proud to announce that we have partnered with a company that has the tenacity, knowledge and dedication to navigate the European market,” said Wayne Randall, President of United Pallet Services, Inc. “I can say without any reservation that ILS is the right fit in The pointGUARD family. The European market is complex and tightly regulated and they have what it takes to launch the pointGUARD into Europe.”

The pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems has developed and patented unique plastic inserts that attach to the entry points of a wood pallet, protecting it from forklift and strapping damage while also defending the product traveling on the pallet as well.

ILS is a logistics company, whose parent company, ISM Interservice, has been in business for over 20 years.  Its primary business is manufacturing food ingredients and additives as well as managing their logistics services with their products. They also contract with other companies to handle their logistic services.  In addition to Switzerland, ILS and its parent company have offices in Dusseldorf, Germany; Moscow, Russia; Shanghi, China and are in the process of opening an office in Holland.

Philipp Mintchin, President and CEO of ILS Global GmbH said “when I first heard about The pointGUARD, I knew immediately that this is a winner.  Being able to improve the pallet, which is the heart of logistics, without amending the pallet itself, is the best Innovation I have seen in a long time.  I am very proud to belong to The pointGUARD family now and believe that this product will soon be seen every day on pallets in shops such as your local supermarkets.”  ILS has already begun the process of creating a steel mold for the 1200mm x 800mm Euro pallet due to interest from several large corporations.  “The pointGUARD combines and maximizes the two major factors which new products in the European logistics market need…efficiency and effectiveness,” said Marc Pronilow, COO of ILS. He went on to so that “The pointGUARD attacks the obvious problem that any wooden pallet in any application faces…forklift damage.”

This isn’t the first international expansion for The pointGUARD. Its footprint expanded outside the US this summer when UPSI licensed Mexico, Central America, South America and The Caribbean to Grupo Mitasa of San Jose, Costa Rica.  “Our family continues to grow at a pace that I could never have predicted,” Randall said, “we are quickly becoming a global operation that is dedicated to ushering in a new era for the wood pallet.”

The pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems will be organizing a meeting next year entitled Collaborate:2014, which will bring together all license holders and UPSI staff. This synergetic conference will be the very first time that all parties involved with The pointGUARD will have come together.  “The ability to collaborate with each other will be our focus in 2014,” said Callen Cochran, Business Development Manager for UPSI and The pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems. “The pallet damage situation is obviously not unique to any one part of the world.  Everyone on our team needs to have the ability to learn from each other. The knowledge base that we have at our disposal is something we want to capitalize on.”

UPSI was started in 1994 when two pallet companies merged to form one of Northern California’s largest pallet companies.  Always keeping an eye out towards innovating trends, they are poised to meet the demands and challenges that face the pallet industry in the future.


Callen Cochran pointGUARD/United Pallet Services, Inc.



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