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October 1, 2020 (Indianapolis, IN) – Perfect Pallets, Inc., a leader in supplying plastic, returnable pallets, is excited to announce the acquisition of the “Super D” pallet molds and equipment from PDQ Plastics, who had been in the business of supplying the most durable plastic pallets available.  The PDQ pallet is the standard by which everyone measures themselves against; the strength and durability of the “Super D” pallet.

For over twenty years, Perfect Pallets has supplied customers with a returnable, reusable pallet option as an alternative to wood.  With the addition of the PDQ “Super D” pallet and containment drum pallet, this new product line helps complement the returnable offering in the Perfect Pallet family of pallets.  “PDQ and Perfect Pallets have successfully collaborated together on various projects over the years, and it’s a natural progression that they should take over the Super D product line”, stated Barry Nathans of PDQ Plastics. “The heavy-duty Super D pallet has a reputation as being the most unbreakable plastic pallet of all time and will be well placed inside the Perfect Pallets product lineup.”

“We are excited to acquire the PDQ Plastics’ complete line of plastic pallets,” added Mark Haag for Perfect Pallets. “PDQ has a fantastic brand name with many satisfied, long term customers. Acquiring 50 years of product development and success allows us to quickly broaden our service offerings to a growing list of existing and future customers.

Perfect Pallets Inc. continues to deliver and drive unique solutions for companies focused on developing a Circular Economy for their packaging systems in North America. Perfect Pallets is committed to providing environmentally-friendly pallets to ship products in a sustainable return system which allows companies to reduce their packaging waste, while lowering costs.

Perfect Pallets offers a range of pallets for sale, rental or lease.  Pallets can be made with 100% recycled plastic, or virgin resin options in all models and types.  Product lines include the R-Series (reusable plastic pallets) and the X-Series (export and one-way shipment) as well as custom pallet and management solutions. The addition of the PDQ product line further establishes Perfect Pallets as being the go-to supplier of high-quality durable plastic pallets.

To find out more about the Super D line and Perfect Pallets, visit

About Perfect Pallets, Inc.
Based in Indianapolis, IN and built out of trucking, Perfect Pallets brought a solution to the commercial printing industry to replace the traditional wood skid and has managed a closed loop returnable packing loop for this industry.  Now in our third generation, Perfect Pallets continues to look for opportunities to bring its proven rental closed loop system to other packaging systems in North America.  Perfect Pallets is committed to providing environmentally-friendly plastic pallets to ship printed material, food, retail and much more!  Their “Perfect System” has been running successfully for commercial printers for more than 20 years in the United States and Canada.

About PDQ Plastics
Based in Bayonne, NJ, PDQ Plastics has the distinction of being one of the early pioneers in plastic pallet molding. Founded by Leo Nathans in 1969, and passed on Barry Nathans, the company created the Super D line of nestable plastic pallets which gained the reputation of being the most rugged, durable and long lasting nestable pallet in the industry.  PDQ Plastics celebrated 30 years in the business of plastics making the most durable plastic pallet on the market.

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