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PECO Launches First Company-Operated Depot

PECO Pallet, which operates a large pool of red-marked pallets in the United States, has developed its first company-operated pallet depot. Located in Hazleton, Penn., the facility is open to customers and is touted as a showcase of PECO’s extensive depot experience.

The company stated in a press release, “In addition to sorting, repairing, storing, and reissuing pallets, this depot will also provide a place to develop operational best-in-class processes that will be implemented across PECO’s North American depot network.”

The Hazleton Depot, which opened on January 2, 2013, has a focus on workstation layout and state-of-the-art equipment designed in an effort to minimize operator steps and maximize pallet quality. The new facility will be fully ramped up by July 1, 2013.

The PECO Hazleton Depot is located about 95 miles north of Philadelphia. PECO explained that the location “makes an excellent showplace for customer visits, employee training, and other company events. There is a professional conference room for meetings or training sessions.”

CHEP USA, PECO’s primary competitor in the U.S. pallet rental market, has operated for years its own showcase location and testing center near Orlando, Fla. This seems like just another logical next-step as PECO positions itself to compete for more customers.

New photos from the facility can be seen here on the PECO website. For more information, contact the company directly at

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