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By November 19, 2014December 30th, 2020Member News, Press Releases

Paxxal Inc., an innovative material science company, and industrial technology pallet manufacturer that has been developing and perfecting its unique formulation for over a decade, has unveiled its proprietary patented pallet at the largest packaging and material handling exhibition in the US – Pack Expo International – in November of this year. The company launched its revolutionary pallet series made from Siluma®, a new state-of-the-art material that outperforms plastic in many ways, to crowds of eager and awaiting industry professionals.


Siluma® is a composite material formed from 40% virgin HDPE bonded with 60% high-grade silica using a proprietary UnifierTM. The combination of Siluma® and high volume, fully-automated, rotational molding pallet manufacturing capabilities enables Paxxal to create consistently manufactured pallets with a lightweight, aerated core that is stronger, 100% recyclable, and overall, more cost effective than existing plastic pallets.  Its breakthrough manufacturing technology ensures precision-made pallets and the ability to process high volume orders quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Each pallet is manufactured using custom-developed, proprietary rotational molding equipment that produces multiple units for each process cycle. The company’s production facility can expand exponentially to meet market demand while still maintaining low production costs by being strategically located close to the required raw materials. Situated in the port city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, transportation and shipping of the pallets is easily managed and coordinated.

Having already been tested by Virginia Tech against rigorous ISO standards, the Paxxal pallet has demonstrated improved durability and resiliency when compared with other plastic pallets. Generated data indicates that the pallet has higher impact resistance and performs exceptionally well in all temperatures. The pallet can also be customized to meet the unique needs of its clients, integrating RFID tracking software as well as producing the pallet in tailor-made colors. Exempt from fumigation requirements, with exceptional resistance to bacteria, corrosion and creep, the pallet is perfectly suited for use in the food and dairy industry. Committed to quality, service and innovation, customer satisfaction lies at the core of Paxxal’s operations.

Designed for optimal performance and cost efficiency, the pallet is ideal for closed-loop and in-house applications, particularly when taking into consideration the pallet’s life expectancy of over seven years. Not content with simply launching a ground-breaking new technology in the material handling industry, Paxxal is also offering a service unmatched by any of its peers and competitors; the pioneering manufacturer is providing a 3-year replacement program for its pallet users to guarantee the highest level of performance for its unique product. The goal of this program is to ensure an excellent return on customer’s investments over time, providing increased value for competitively priced pallets that have enhanced durability over traditional market alternatives.

With a dedicated design, prototype manufacturing and testing facility located in Noblesville, Indiana, Paxxal’s recent unveiling of its proprietary pallet at Pack Expo International 2014 has enabled the company to witness significant interest in its innovatively designed product. For more information on Paxxal’s pallet, please visit or e-mail

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