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Packaging Revolution: PTM Redesigns and Strengthens Pallets to Extend Life of Product

A few years ago, one large major manufacturing/distribution company found that simply switching to plastic pallets was not the complete answer, and this is where the story of the remarkable Ultra Pallet begins.

The customer had originally switched to plastic pallets for a number of reasons, including better hygiene and appearance, but was still having problems with regard to plastic pallet damage in its fast paced shipping environment. They called on PTM to investigate.

In business for 35 years, PTM ( designs, develops and manufactures highly durable and sustainable plastic products to meet the needs of different industries: particularly food and beverage. Evaluation of pallet handling at the company by PTM experts determined that in 85 percent of cases, the cause of damage to the plastic pallet was fork tine impact to the pallet columns or blocks. A secondary issue was the separation of top and bottom pallet pieces.

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