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Award given shortly after ORBIS appoints new president of

Reusable Packaging Management


OCONOMOWOC, Wis. – April 10, ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM), a service provider of sustainable reusable packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization, has been awarded the 2012 Rexam Beverage Can North America (BCNA) Supplier Excellence Award for Best Support. ORBIS RPM is part of ORBIS Corporation, headquartered in Oconomowoc, Wis.

Rexam, a leading global beverage can manufacturer, recognized ORBIS RPM with the prestigious Best Support Award for providing instrumental support to Rexam in 2012, enabling the company to maintain preferred inventory levels.

ORBIS RPM is Rexam BCNA’s exclusive dunnage resource, providing the pallets, layer pads and top frames to transport cans from its can manufacturing plants to their customers’ filling locations. ORBIS RPM manages the entire pooling process, including demand planning, shipping, tracking, cleaning, sorting and replenishment—maximizing the flow of the dunnage through the entire supply chain. According to Chad Feehan, general manager for ORBIS RPM-Beverage, “This system gives companies, like Rexam, the freedom to focus on core competencies while positively impacting their business operationally, financially and environmentally.”

Rexam evaluates its vendors through its Supplier Excellence Program. This program focuses on three categories: Quality, Support and Cost Reduction. Annually, vendors are nominated for awards in the following categories: Supplier of the Year, Best Quality, Best Support and Best Cost Reduction.

This award comes on the heels of ORBIS’ recent appointment of Albert Seecharan as president of the company’s Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) services. Seecharan is responsible for managing the service line to ensure ORBIS customers extract full value from the efficiency a reusable packaging management program provides organizations – particularly in automotive and beverage industries. ORBIS RPM programs offer customers easily adoptable and highly visible models to ensure customers benefit from efficient tracking, improved reusable packaging turnaround time, reduced product losses and transportation costs, and to enable customers to operate with optimized packaging, saving costs and increasing profits.

Seecharan plays a vital role in continuing to build ORBIS’ reputation for providing superior customer satisfaction, achieving annual profitability goals and ensuring superior execution of the company’s long-term growth initiative through reusable packaging management. According to Seecharan, “Rexam’s recognition of our team and the partnership we provide is a testament to our employee’s industry knowledge and our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional organization wide service by keeping the customer in the center of our daily actions”.

To learn more about ORBIS Corporation, visit To learn more about ORBIS’ 2012 Rexam Supplier Excellence Award for Best Support, or to set up an interview with Albert to learn about his goals for ORBIS’ current initiatives in RPM, please contact Heather Markovich at

414-299-3965 or via e-mail at

About ORBIS Corporation

ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, safer and more cost-effectively. Using a proven approach, ORBIS experts analyze its customers’ systems, design a solution and execute a reusable packaging program for longer-term cost savings and sustainability. Using life-cycle assessments to compare reusable and single-use packaging, ORBIS also helps customers reduce their overall environmental impact. ORBIS Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, the 3rd oldest family owned business in the United States. As a steward of sustainability, ORBIS is committed to a better world for future generations. ORBIS tracks and measure our own resource utilization to continuously conserve natural resources and reduce waste. For more information, please visit, or

About Rexam

Rexam is a global consumer packaging company. Rexam one of the leading global beverage can makers and a major global player in rigid plastic packaging for healthcare applications. It is business partners to some of the world’s most famous and successful consumer brands. Its vision is to be the best global consumer packaging company.

Rexam has 67 plants in 24 countries and employs 11,100 people. Its sales from ongoing operations in 2012 were in the region of $6 billion. Rexam is a member of the FTSE 100 and its ordinary shares are listed with the UK Listing Authority and trade on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol REX. For further information, visit

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