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Reusable bulk containers offer up to 10 percent increase in internal cubic capacity per bin, up to eight more containers per truckload

ORBIS Corporation has announced the introduction of its newest reusable bulk containers, the HDMC4845 BulkPak. The HDMC4845 is available in two heights: 27” and 34”.

The HDMC BulkPak is designed with a simple purpose – to safely and securely utilize less usable shipping space for containers and lowering container weight so companies are able to increase the amount of product they can ship. These containers maximize truck space and offer a greater value for their standard transportation costs per bin. The HDMC4845 has been engineered to allow greater utilization of available space and to stack in a way that frees up additional space in a standard 53’ shipping trailer. The HDMC4845-27 was specifically designed to fit 112 filled bins per inbound truckload and 252 collapsed bins per return truckload and the HDMC4845-34 fits 84 filled bins and 252 collapsed bins per truckload. Additionally, the unique 27” container features a 10 percent increase in cubic capacity and a higher fill line, allowing companies to ship more product per container and truckload. Both containers are also compatible with other 48 x 45 plastic pallets and bulk containers and can be used with mixed loads of totes and pallets.

The HDMC4845 BulkPak containers are available with 0, 1 or 2 access doors, solid sidewalls, solid deck and a fully replaceable, all-plastic perimeter stringer bottom. Robust spring loaded latches offer safe and easy assembly and collapse. Color indicator strips enhance visibility for forktruck drivers and reduce leg and base impacts.

“Our newest BulkPaks are designed to meet our customers’ shipping container needs for any application, and are dramatically more efficient than what people are using today,” says Scott Krebs, bulk product manager, ORBIS Corporation. “The efficiency of the HDMC4845 means our customers can ship more of their goods per truckload, driving improved logistics costs and lowering the total cost of ownership.”

The entire BulkPak product line features containers that stack securely when full and collapse when empty for reduced return transportation costs and condensed storage. ORBIS offers the largest selection of bulk containers in the industry and delivers solutions for companies in many industries, from food and beverage to automotive. ORBIS will fabricate unique BulkPak sizes based on customer needs. All BulkPaks are fully recyclable at the end of their service life. Identification options include cardholders, identification plates and label placards.

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