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ORBIS_4C_3inORBIS Corporation is making a substantial investment to help companies make informed decisions about reusables. The company is sponsoring the Reusable Packaging Association’s Tools for Reusables education program at PACK EXPO International 2014 in Chicago. The program includes educational presentations at RPA’s Reusables Learning Center and an RPA Flash Drive with information to help end-users make smart packaging decisions, from selecting the right packaging to full and successful implementation. ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, easier, safer, and more cost-effectively with plastic reusable containers, pallets, and protective dunnage.

“The program provides objective research, tools, and best practices to help end users understand how reusables will improve their supply chain, both economically and environmentally, and then move forward with a successful implementation. ORBIS Corporation is pleased to support these important educational tools for the marketplace,” said Norm Kukuk, Vice President of Marketing for ORBIS.

ORBIS has been an active supporter of RPA’s educational mission for more than a decade, providing their expertise and resources to further the adoption of reusables in the marketplace.

“The RPA is the industry’s reliable and credible information source to help end users make informed decisions about reusable solutions. The Tools for Reusables program is part of a larger ongoing effort that includes the RPA Reusables Learning Center, the newly redesigned RPA website, and next year’s new Reusable Packaging Forum. We appreciate the support of ORBIS and all our members in making these education opportunities available,” said Robert Engle, RPA Board Chairman.

The Tools for Reusables program at PACK EXPO includes these educational presentations and tools:RPA_Tools for Reusables_Logo_2014

  • Reusables 101 Presentation: A complete guide to deploying reusables in the supply chain will be presented in the RPA’s Reusables Learning Center (booth #6866) on Nov. 2 and 4 at noon. The presentation will help companies evaluate whether reusables are right for them, and inform them about the decisions and steps that will ensure successful implementation.
  • A video of the Reusables 101 presentation will be available on an RPA Flash Drive. Attendees can stop by the RPA booth #6860 anytime during the show to receive a copy.
  • A presentation on Optimizing Global Shipments with Customized Dunnage Solutions will be delivered by ORBIS onNov. 3 at 11 a.m. in the Reusables Learning Center. Attendees will learn how companies reduce product damage in transit and improve packing densities across the entire global supply chain with custom dunnage.
  • A presentation on Integrating Reusable Packaging within an Omni-Channel Supply Chain will be delivered by ORBIS onNov. 3 at 2 p.m. in the Reusables Learning Center. The presentation will explore how retailers are seeking ways to provide the right product, at the right time, in the right place, regardless of channel (from brick and mortar stores to web sites, and mobile apps to direct mail and catalogs). Supply chain efficiency and visibility are critical for omni-channel applications. Learn how reusable totes and pallets can drive picking and fulfillment efficiencies.

In addition to the Reusables Learning Center, the RPA is hosting its popular Reusable Packaging Pavilion where 36suppliers of reusable solutions will display all types of products and services for reusables. Attendees will also have access to hundreds of experts who can answer questions about reusables.



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