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Edge wrapping enhances worker and part quality

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — October 25, 2017 — ORBIS Corporation, the North American leader in reusable packaging and supply chain optimization expert, has added edge wrapping to its ORBIShield® capabilities in Mentor, Ohio. This technology provides custom-designed protective dunnage to install in hand-held totes or bulk containers, protecting parts and components as they move throughout the automotive supply chain.

The edge-wrapping technology uses a heated or nonheated application method to apply Class A material to the edge of plastic corrugated dunnage. The results are seamless soft-edged dunnage components that increase product quality and worker safety conditions during handling.

In the modern automotive supply chain, parts and components move quickly and often across long distances. Wrapped edges can reduce possible snags, punctures and scrapes, helping to protect workers as they pack out parts or pull parts at the assembly line and keeping operations running efficiently.

“Edge-wrapping technology offers companies another level of part protection and design versatility,” said Aman Sangha, product manager for ORBIS Corporation. “Our customers and sales teams asked for dunnage edge protection and we listened. Staying connected to ORBIShield users keeps us relevant, ensuring we are helping them evolve their businesses and reduce their supply chain pain points.”

In addition to worker and product safety, edge wrapping can:

  • Be the finishing touch to a well-engineered dunnage design. Materials combine to protect parts of various sizes, complex geometries and Class-A surfaces.
  • Prevent dust and dirt from falling in dunnage flutes. This is an alternative option to ORBIS’ edge-sealed plastic corrugated dunnage material.
  • Add versatility to ORBIShield dunnage. ORBIShield includes a large variety of assorted design materials, including foam, sheet and fabric.
  • Meet a range of reusable packaging applications for use in a variety of industry and supply chain environments.

ORBIS offers a staff of designers, prototyping equipment, product testing areas and new machinery to manufacture all types of dunnage solutions at its applicable facilities. ORBIS’ sales engineering teams across North America also are available to provide expertise on design requirements, material selection, prototype configuration and dunnage design execution.

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About ORBIS Corporation
With more than 160 years of material handling expertise and 50 years of plastics innovations, ORBIS consists of a portfolio of businesses that meet the material handling needs of companies across many industries. ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, safer and more cost-effectively. Using a proven approach, ORBIS experts analyze customers’ systems, design a solution and execute a reusable packaging program for longer-term cost savings and sustainability. Using life-cycle assessments to compare reusable and single-use packaging, ORBIS also helps customers reduce their overall environmental impact. ORBIS is a part of Menasha Corporation, one of the oldest family-owned manufacturers in the United States. As a steward of sustainability, ORBIS is committed to a better world for future generations. ORBIS tracks and measures its own resource utilization to continuously conserve natural resources and reduce waste. For more information, please visit,, or

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