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Next Generation IBC Offered by CHEP Pallecon

iCONIC, a next generation plastic intermediate bulk container (IBC), is a new offering from CHEP Pallecon Solutions. The global leader in container pooling solutions says that the new IBC, available in the 1000mm x 1200mm international footprint, has been developed to response to growing demand for IBC packaging that can be shipped across continents. If generates sustainable cost advantages, efficiency improvements and waste reduction, according to CHEP Pallecon.

The new IBC delivers a number of improvements over CHEP Pallecon Solutions’ current reusable and returnable plastic IBC. “We introduced the foldable plastic container 10 years ago and are continuingly looking at enhancing our range of products, by adopting new technology”, reports John Plummer, Director Sales – Asia-Pacific. “The iCONIC will address a unique set of challenges that arise from moving, protecting and storing semi-bulk dry and liquid products. The new IBC ensures safe loading and unloading and offers improved product protection with minimal handling.”cheppallecon

Better Return Ratio fsor Empty IBC

An improved folding ratio of 3.5:1 is achievable through iCONIC’s innovative design.  The reduction in collapsed container height results in 98 containers that can be stacked in a standard truck compared to 60 for earlier generation IBCs. As a result of this improvement in transport space utilisation, the total quantity of trucks required and CO2 emissions both decrease. reduces the number of trucks on the road and decreases the CO2 emissions. The iCONIC is also totally recyclable, which reduces one-use product consumption and the resulting carbon footprint.

Featuring lightweight plastic construction, the iCONIC proides superior durability and product protection. It has a large carrying capacity of 1040 litres, which holds more than 25 percent greater content, in the same space as four 200 litre drums. The container utilises a new liner on each trip, eliminating product contamination and avoiding the costly process of cleaning and sanitising drums & containers after each use.

“With innovative design features, that have not been seen on any previous IBC in the pooling market, the iCONIC provides our customers with a cost effective solution for the movement of bulk product through their supply chain”, Mr Plummer adds. “The ability to ship & decant more product in one unit will ensure users reduce costs, both in transport and in-plant handling”.

The iCONIC is fitted with non-sequential folding panels and the lid slides & locks on the back panel. This makes it easier and faster to set up and collapse than traditional bag-in-box systems and the built-in 4-way entry pallet base, improves handling efficiencies. The sloping pallet base results in greater discharge of product and the anti-slip locators on the steel reinforced base ensure the units can be safely stacked.

With an extensive range of packaging solutions available across the globe, the iCONIC will complement CHEP’s current range of integrated solutions available for movement of product and can be used in conjunction with its existing suite of food grade liner bag solutions.

CHEP Pallecon Solution is a division of Brambles. It  provides Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), liner bags and accessories to customers around the world and across a range of industries including food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and general manufacturing. CHEP Pallecon Solutions Asia Pacific has dedicated teams and more than 20 service centres spread across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, also offering international movements with more than 50 countries worldwide. For more information on CHEP Pallecon Solutions, please visit

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