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New Rehrig Pacific Case Study Illustrates How Reusables Boost Productivity and Eliminate Solid Waste

Rehrig case studyA new case study from Rehrig Pacific looked to illustrate the impact of single trip packaging versus reusables for the delivery and merchandising of soft drinks at convenience stores. The single trip packaging consisted of corrugated fibreboard trays and stretch-wrap, while the reusables were from Rehrig Pacific, including Retail Ready Merchandisers. Four cases of 20-ounce Gatorade and 15 cases of 28-ounce Gatorade were used in the comparison.

Follow this link to the case study.

For the 28-ounce product, the time to remove the single trip packaging, merchandise the product and dispose of packaging took 10:16, versus 5:25 to merchandise the reusable containers and place empties into storage, a time reduction of 4:25. For the 20-ounce bottles, the comparative numbers were 4:28 for expendable packaging and 1:46 for reusables, translating into an improvement of 2:42.

In addition to the productivity gains demonstrated in the study stressed the additional cost savings associated with avoided trash removal. In another study, Rehrig Pacific demonstrated the positive impact of “unique secondary packaging designed with on-message, brand building color and graphics.” Read more at this link.

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