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New Pallet Protection System Seeks To Streamline Sustainability Efforts With New Line of Pallets

By August 5, 2013December 30th, 2020General, Industry News, Member News, Pallets, Products, RPA News

MODESTO, CA, 8/2/2013 —In response to the desires of customers, United Pallet Services, Inc (UPSI), which is the sales and marketing arm behind the newly patented pointGUARD Pallet Protector, will be presenting a new line of products at PACK EXPO Las Vegas this year.  Calling it the CP Line, these four new products will be a one stop solution for companies currently using the standard size 48”x40” wooden pallets in their distribution center or warehouse, but are having issues with forklift induced pallet damage. “We have been and will continue to offer our protective plastic attachments as a separate and standalone product, however will now be offering the complete package,” says Callen Cochran, Business Development Manager for The pointGUARD Pallet Protector.  “We are realizing that some customers don’t want the hassle of purchasing our device, shipping it to their pallet provider and then having to have it installed on their pallets.  They can order the pallet with The pointGUARD Protector installed and have it shipped directly to their facility for immediate use.”

The pointGUARD itself is a one-piece, recycled plastic shield that was created to reduce costly pallet repair by defending a pallet from forklift damage at high impact areas.  Its innovative design is unlike anything currently available.

Wooden pallets, the staple of the industry for decades are considered by many to be sustainable, economical, and easy to source.  The downside, however, is they are prone to considerable damage from forklifts.  Once a pallet is damaged, it can cause product damage during transit as well.  Plastic pallets offer better protection to these areas, but are far more expensive.  The pointGUARD plastic pallet protector utilizes the greatest benefits of both, the durability of plastic but with a price point more towards the cost of a wood pallet.  “It’s best suited for closed loop or captive pallet environments,” says Wayne Randall, president of United Pallet Services, Inc. He goes on to say that “The pointGUARD was developed in response to a problem that plagued one our largest customers…product damage. This agricultural company in California loses $10-$15 million per year in product loss caused by damaged pallets.”  He believes strongly that “a company that is concerned with the bottom line will see immediate financial results with less pallet repair, less product damage, and a great reduction in wood chips or debris breaking away from a wood pallet all the while using a hybrid wood/plastic sustainable product.”

UPSI contracted with the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech University to facilitate a Life Cycle Test, which measured the real world impact of pallets using The pointGUARD in a warehouse environment.  These pallets outlasted those that were unprotected by 5-times (unprotected pallets lasted 11.3 cycles before failure and protected pallets lasted an astonishing 58.9 cycles).

The pointGUARD Pallet Protection Systems, a member of the Reusable Packaging Association, will be located in the RPA Pavilion on the Lower South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. They will be showcasing all four CP pallet products, the CP4840S, CP4840B, CP4840S-4WAY and the CP4840B-PLY. “PACK EXPO visitors can take a look at these products, determine if it will be a good fit for them, and if so, can put in an order for direct shipment to their facility,” says Darrell Roberson, Vice President of Sales. They also will have the LX40S and LX40B, the attachments designed for a 40” opening on a stringer and block pallet on display as well.

UPSI was started in 1994 when two pallet companies merged to form one of Northern California’s largest pallet companies.  Always keeping an eye out towards innovating trends, they are poised to meet the demands and challenges that face the pallet industry in the future.

For more information, contact Callen Cochran, Business Development Manager at 209-538-5844 or

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