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New iMIG® graphic with LASERcode Serialization System to make lasting impression at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth 6667, Sept. 23-25, 2013

Clarkdale, Arizona, July 25, 2013 — Jason Brownell, vice president of sales for iMIG®, will present  exciting new iMIG® graphic technology at the three-day Pack Expo Show in September. Pack Expo, the world’s largest packaging and processing event, will welcome 26,000 packaging and processing professionals from across the globe.

The iMIG® graphic is important for the reusable packaging industry in which plastic products, like beverage crates and displays, endure repeated use and handling, battering from machinery, harsh outdoor environments and cleaning solvents. This innovative technology allows a company to maintain a positive brand image using permanent iMIG® logos which look good for the life of a product. Easy-to-track bar codes are key to asset management because they let customers always know where their products are.

According to Pack Expo, 1,600 exhibitors are lined up and visitors will:

  • See the most advanced technologies for integrating  packaging and processing lines in action on the show floor.
  • Find inspiration in new materials, containers and package designs.
  • Hear the latest on food safety, sustainability and more from leading industry experts and associations.
  • Connect with professionals from all vertical markets of consumer packaged goods companies.

The iMIG® with LASERcode Serialization Graphic will make a valuable contribution to Pack Expo attendees.

The graphic is unlike any other coding system for polyethylene/polypropylene (PE/PP) products available today. The iMIG® technology is a post-mold process that utilizes a company’s existing hot stamp or heat transfer equipment to apply a fully compatible finished graphic to PE/PP products.

“LASERcode is not a dye or printing system so there is no worry about fading, deteriorating, chemical or solvent removal or any other problems with graphic integrity,” Brownell said. “Importantly, if a decorator or molder already owns hot stamping or heat transfer equipment, no new capital expenditures are required to apply a more permanent labeling option. The company’s bottom line reflects that benefit.”

The iMIG® is 100% recyclable with polyethylene/polypropylene products.

The new iMIG® division was established by MIGS®, an experienced manufacturer of permanent graphics and enhancement products for PE/PP products in the rotational molding industry since 1983.

Rehrig Pacific Company already is a satisfied iMIG® customer

We are happy to announce that Rehrig Pacific Company has already joined the iMIG® revolution. Rehrig Pacific manufactures reusable packaging and continually seeks to optimize value creation for PepsiCo with solutions that enhance the customer experience, improve sustainability and eliminate unnecessary costs. So when a shopper walks into a store, they notice displays and are more likely to purchase a product because cohesive packaging adds to the appeal.

The new 5th Generation Retail Ready Merchandiser is better than the previous generation of reusable beverage packaging in four significant ways. It enhances brand awareness, improves asset retention, lowers costs, and advances sustainability initiatives.

Designed to build Pepsi’s brand equity, enhance the shopper experience and promote combination sales, the reusable crate is manufactured in Pepsi blue with a new proprietary two-color Pepsi logo.

Each merchandiser is also printed with a new multi-color anti-theft logo to aid in deterrence. This logo explains that the crate is a marked and traceable asset. The iMIG® team worked with Rehrig’s Pepsi displays to incorprate iMIG® logos so the displays genuinely stand out.

The iMIG® Lasercode difference

“There is a huge difference between the iMIG® LASERcode and pre-printed adhesive graphics and stickers on the market. This is high-tech laser marking technology,” Brownell said.

The iMIG® is the only permanent way to brand your product, apply a warning or a barcode that surpasses any other methods. It’s easy, it’s quick and it saves molders money. It is a fully compatible finished graphic, ready to apply to polyolefin products using existing hot-stamping equipment.

iMIG® relies on three variables: heat, time and pressure. The iMIG® graphic is applied by melting two like materials together.

This post-mold method of applying durable graphics is not limited to logos and warnings. With iMIG® technology and the use of LASERcode, manufacturers can achieve a durable method to capture serialized numbers and bar code tracking information. Brownell explained, “iMIG® graphics utilize laser-reactive pigments that change from white to charcoal-gray when exposed to specialized lasers. This system can be used on the pre-applied graphic or directly to the graphic after being fused onto a product. LASERcode is incorporated right into the graphic matrix so a product will be LASERcoded for life.”

Uses include: permanent Quick Response (QR) codes, consecutive serial numbers, UPC bar codes and other scannable graphics for product identity and tracking.

See the new iMIG® LASERcode Serialization System on YouTube and facebook and visit: Phone: 1-928-634-8888.

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