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Retail & Ecommerce Workstream

The Retail & Ecommerce Workstream brings together member company representatives for the purpose of enabling industry dialogue and activities on common and pre-competitive topics for the advancement of reusable packaging opportunities in retail supply chains. The forum for conversation can raise awareness on subjects that are germane to the industry, and the platform for collaboration can take on projects leading to greater market acceptance of reusable packaging solutions.

R&E Documents

2023 R&E Meeting Slides

R&E Meeting Slides 10 Jan 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 9 Feb 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 21 Mar 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 13 Apr 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 11 May 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 8 Jun 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 13 Jul 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 10 Aug 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 12 Oct 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 9 Nov 2023
R&E Meeting Slides 13 Dec 2023

2022 R&E Meeting Slides

R&E Meeting Slides 13 Dec 2022
R&E Meeting Slides 8 Nov 2022
R&E Meeting Slides 11 Oct 2022
R&E Meeting Slides 13 Sept 2022
R&E Development Summary

R&E Project Files

R&E White Paper Draft - 10Jan2023

R&E Industry Papers

Potential Impact of Reusable Packaging - McKinsey April 2023
MHI The Responsible Supply Chain March 2023
Deloitte Retail Industry Outlook 2023
PMMI Packaging Compass March 2023
EU Packaging & Packaging Waste Nov. 2022
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Commitment 2022 Progress Report
World Economic Forum - Design Guidelines for Reuse (Sept 2021)

R&E Roster

Nate Klingler

Director of Marketing

R&E Chair

Kelly Skinner

Sr. Director, Group Category Innovation

Kevin Ohaver

Director Business Development

Eugenio Alvarez

Founder & COO

Andrea Jesudian

Product Manager

Chad VanderMolen

Business Development Manager

Ben Waterman

Business Development

RPA Board Member

Guillaume Chauvin

Executive Packaging Specialist

Raul Casillas

VP Sales - Supply Chain, Logistics Solutions

Erika Le

Director - Environment Health, Safety & Sustainability

RPA Board Member

Çarl Roberts

Technical Sales Manager

Michael Dumitrov

Sales Account Manager

Karin Witton

Global Sustainability Director

Jonathan North

Jonathan North

Industry Consultant