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Member Spotlight: Shaun Carvey, Product Market Manager – RPCs, IPL Plastics

Editor’s Note: Shaun Carvey is Product Market Manager of RPCs for IPL. He is the newest member of the RPA’s Board of Directors.

RPA Editor: Describe the products/services that your company offers.

Carvey: IPL offers plastic injection molded products and services surrounding reusable packaging. We offer our own line of products and also specialize in the development of new and custom packaging for individual companies. These custom solutions find a home in open pools and closed loop operations, and other areas.

RPA Editor: Describe the area of the supply chain where your products play a role.

Carvey: IPL’s products are used throughout the supply chain. They need to be able to meet the unique requirements and challenges found at each location within the supply chain. This typically means farms or processing facilities, distribution centers, and retail locations.

RPA Editor: Describe some of the challenges you see that impede companies from implementing reusable packaging.

Carvey: One of the initial challenges a company faces with custom reusable packaging is the justification of tooling costs. However, with correct guidance and evaluation technique, companies can understand that proper allocation of non-recurring costs can validate the ROI for their sustainability initiatives.

RPA Editor: Describe some of the successes you or your customers have had with implementing reusable packaging.

Carvey: One definition of success that IPL and our customers have enjoyed is the introduction of a new product to the market, and having it be widely accepted. This type of success is actually planned many months before the product is released. By this, I mean that success is the result of all of the research and supply chain evaluation that happens during the concept and design phases. IPL gathers product design criteria not only from our customers, and our customer’s customer, but also by collaborating with everyone who will touch the product. We also work with universities and industry experts to further maximize product potential in the early stages.

RPA Editor: What are the key changes you see happening in the reusable marketplace in the near future?

Carvey: I see the reusable packaging market pursuing the refinement of materials, processes and designs in order to reach into new markets where reusable packaging is still a concept under consideration. I also see tracking of reusable assets, through RFID or other methods, being used to optimize the management of assets.

RPA Editor: List your current position within the RPA and state why you chose to become a member of the RPA leadership team.

Carvey: I currently sit on the RPA’s Board of Directors. This role allows me to work with my colleagues in the industry to increase awareness, share information, and enable the implementation of returnable solutions.

RPA Editor: What value do you personally hope to gain by being in a leadership role with the RPA?

Carvey: The satisfaction that comes from being part of a team of professionals who help spread a message and promote a methodology that supports a greener environment.

RPA Editor: What has your company gained from its membership in the RPA?

Carvey: IPL has benefited from RPA membership in a variety of ways. The most significant one is having visibility to the end users who are pursuing reusable initiatives.

RPA Editor: Has RPA had a positive impact on your business? If so, how?

Carvey: RPA has definitely had a positive impact on our business. The RPA website, pavilions at trade shows and information campaigns have brought companies with sincere interest to our doorstep.

RPA Editor: Why would you recommend membership in the RPA to another company?

Carvey: I would recommend RPA membership to other companies so that they can be part of a unified voice that supports the common goal of reusable packaging.

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