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Member Spotlight: Samantha Goetz, ORBIS CORPORATION and Chair RPA Membership Committee

By August 6, 2013December 30th, 2020General, Industry News, Press Releases, RPA News

Samantha_Goetz_ORBIS_2013Introducing Samantha Goetz, RPA Membership Committee Chair

Samantha Goetz is working hard to attract new members and strengthen the association for all members. She is looking for additional members to join the committee, and also welcomes suggestions from any RPA members. Goetz is marketing communications manager at ORBIS Corporation.

RPA Editor: What is the role of the Membership Committee?

Goetz: We want to attract new members and provide value to retain existing members. The RPA has had strong success with new member recruitment this year. Due to Jerry Welcome’s efforts, we have had 12 new members join since January. I am excited to see the association grow and to see our membership get a bit more varied. A large membership base benefits all members. It gives the association more resources to provide us all with valuable programs and support, and it strengthens the RPA’s visibility in the industry, which benefits all of us in the reusables industry.

RPA Editor: What is the committee doing to attract end user members?

Goetz: Attracting more end users is a key focus of the committee going forward. But this has been a challenge, and it is an area where the committee needs the involvement of more members. We need additional people and more ideas to create value to attract end users.

RPA Editor:  Talk a little more about retention.

Goetz: The key reasons that new members join the RPA are to be part of the Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO and to network. But members can get much more return on their investment if they become involved with the RPA. Joining a committee or becoming a board member increases the opportunities to learn about the industry and to network. Also, members can ask the RPA to support their marketing efforts or to drive new initiatives, like marketplace studies.

In addition to supporting member companies, the RPA offers professional growth and networking opportunities for individuals, too.

RPA Editor: What actions would you like members to take?

Goetz: First, they should promote the association within their own companies. Let everyone know the company is a member, and make sure people throughout their company get the monthly newsletter. Anyone in a member company is welcome and encouraged to join the committees and to network. This is a great opportunity for professional development to offer employees.

Second, get involved personally with the RPA. You can play a small role by supporting a single activity, like helping with the networking reception at PACK EXPO, or play an ongoing role on a committee. Get your company to deliver a presentation at our new Learning Center at PACK EXPO.  Or ask the RPA to help your company with an issue or an initiative.

Third, tell your customers about the RPA. Let them know that the RPA is a resource for them; we have great materials on our website. And invite your customers to become a member. Membership is everyone’s role, and members need to be more engaged.

RPA Editor: Why are you interested in leading this committee?

Goetz: I have been actively involved in the RPA since 2002, almost always in a communications role. I’ve really enjoyed working with like-minded people from other member companies. Working on a different committee gives me an opportunity for more professional growth and extended networking.

I am excited about this new opportunity to work on membership development and to help the RPA continue to grow in the marketplace. The reusable packaging industry has many great opportunities for growth and we want the RPA to be right there, every step of the way, to support our members.

RPA Editor: How has being involved with the RPA helped you personally?
I’ve gotten a broader and unique perspective of the industry. When you don’t step outside of your company, your view is limited. My expanded view helps me to do my job better and to be a better member of the RPA.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, contact Samantha Goetz at 262-560-5364 or

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