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Member Spotlight: Introducing Lisa Knight, RPA Marketing Committee Chair

By May 29, 2013December 30th, 2020General, Industry News, Member News, RPA News
Lisa Knight, Director of Marketing (CAPS)

Lisa Knight, Director of Marketing (CAPS)


Introducing Lisa Knight, RPA Marketing Committee Chair

Lisa Knight is leading the RPA’s communications efforts. She would love to hear your suggestions on how we can strengthen our marketing initiatives. Or better yet, join the committee!



RPA Editor: What is the role of the Marketing Committee?

Knight: We focus on two key areas. One is marketing the value and benefits of reusable packaging and the resources that the RPA can provide to end-user companies wanting to start or strengthen their existing sustainability efforts. Companies are under constant pressure to introduce environmentally friendly solutions into their supply chains.  However, some of these businesses are completely unfamiliar with the concept of reusable packaging. Our association truly plays a critical role in raising awareness. The objective of our committee is to ensure that these companies know the RPA is here to help them, while increasing overall industry awareness to support our members’ growth objectives. The second focus is to help our members market themselves.

RPA Editor: How does the RPA help members market themselves?

Knight: The association offers platforms for our members to give presentations within the RPA framework. When you give a presentation or publish an article branded with both your company and the RPA names, you gain added credibility as a knowledgeable resource in the reusable industry.

CAPS’ team members have presented the past several years at RPA PACK EXPO education sessions, and we’ve always had an engaged audience and found our return was well worth the effort. This year, the RPA is hosting sessions directly on the show floor inside the RPA Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013, making it even easier for attendees to get to them. And the sessions will drive additional traffic to member booths.

Our primary marketing venue is the annual Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO, which continues to be a big success for participating members.  Most exhibiting companies report they get more traffic as part of the pavilion than exhibiting alone.

If you’re interested in exhibiting or holding a session within the pavilion, contact Sean Handerhan at (703) 731-1907 or

RPA Editor: What else does the committee do?

Knight: We have several ongoing strategies to promote both the RPA and the reusable packaging industry, including active social media and website initiatives. Our RPA LinkedIn group has over 1,000 members, with several engaged in industry relevant discussions, and we routinely tweet via our @RPAreusables Twitter account. The RPA website also gets a good amount of traffic, with visitors checking out the frequently updated articles and content.

Additionally, the RPA has ongoing trade press media relationships that enable the association to be routinely included in reusable packaging articles, as well as ensure the publication of RPA press releases. The resulting publicity drives further awareness for the reusable packaging industry, in turn supporting the efforts of all of our members.

Last year marked the launch of our Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award program. This award provides an exciting opportunity for members to nominate customers deserving recognition for their sustainability efforts.  The winner will be recognized at PACK EXPO during an RPA press conference in the pavilion and at our networking event. We are accepting submissions now at

RPA Editor: Tell us something that most members are probably not aware of.

Knight: I don’t think many members know that we can support and extend their marketing efforts. We have a writer on staff who can help members develop articles about industry trends and get them placed in the media. The article written by Jack Sparn of iGPS for Food Logistics Magazine is a recent example.  We can also extend the reach of members’ existing marketing materials, like case studies, white papers, and press releases, by posting them on the RPA website as well distributing them through the association’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  To take advantage of this, simply email your materials to Katie Kilfoyle Remis at This is a simple way to get more mileage out of materials that you’ve already created.

RPA Editor: What is your professional background?

Knight: I am the Marketing Director at CAPS and have worked here for 5 years.  However, I have been in B2B marketing for over 10 years.  At CAPS, my day-to-day focus is on web-related marketing, lead generation, communications, and public relations.

RPA Editor: What is involved in being a member of the Marketing Committee?

Knight: It’s not as much time as people probably think. I’ve been working on the committee for 5 years and it truly only requires a few hours a month. People can put in as much or as little time as they want, depending on the extent to which they want to participate. The work we do involves sharing ideas, planning events, social media, writing and graphics support – so there is a wide range of options!

We would love to add new members to the committee.  Whether or not you have a marketing background, participating provides a great opportunity to develop professionally, learn new skills, network, and further promote your business.

RPA Editor: What would you like to see members do after reading this interview?

Knight: Become more active participants in the RPA, whether it’s joining the Marketing Committee, another committee, taking advantage of the ability to post press releases on the RPA website, or starting a discussion on LinkedIn. Or propose your own idea for a tactic or initiative that you would like the RPA to pursue. From my personal experience, the more actively you or someone from your company participates – even if it’s just 60 minutes a month – the more value you’ll see from your membership.  Keep in mind, anyone from your company is welcome to participate on committees, give presentations, and provide materials to RPA to extend your marketing reach.

Lastly, I’d ask for members to share their biggest challenges and how they believe the RPA could support initiatives to drive industry-wide solutions with Jerry Welcome

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at (734) 838-1051 or via email at

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