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Reusable Packaging Market Data and Statistics

Reusable Packaging is a ~$100 billion market

In 2020, the global packaging market reached an estimated $950 billion in value. Approximately $200 billion of this is considered “transport” or “transit” packaging, of which roughly half meet the Reusable Packaging Association’s criteria for “reusable” packaging. Together, these products comprise the $100 billion RTP market.

Within the global Reusable Transport Packaging Market, approximately 62% is comprised of pallets (all materials excepting paper-based pallets which cannot be reused); 30% is comprised of containers, crates, totes, reusable boxes, and reusable or returnable plastic containers (RPCs); 7% is comprised of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), tanks, drums, and barrels; the remaining 1% is comprised of other types of reusable transport packaging. Detailed segmentation by product is available in the 2020 Reusable Transport Packaging State of the Industry Report.

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Founded in 1999, the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) is a non-profit trade organization representing and promoting the common and pro-competitive business interests of member suppliers and users of reusable packaging products and services. RPA connects the industry to expand, innovate and validate reusable packaging systems.

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