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Liviri Introduces Reusable, Insulated Last-Mile Solution for Grocers

By July 6, 2020December 30th, 2020Sales Impact

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – The fastest-growing ecommerce segment is grocery, with some of the largest national grocers leading the charge.1 Brick-and-mortar stores weren’t built to support this quick-turn, online grocery shopping trend, creating challenges to support in-store grocery pickup and “last-mile” delivery. Liviri today announced Liviri Shuttle, a family of durable, reusable insulated boxes designed to solve the inefficiencies of today’s ecommerce grocers.

Liviri is currently using Shuttle products in active pilot programs with some of the largest national grocers.

“Last-mile considerations, whether for in-store pickup or at-home delivery, have exploded onto the scene in the grocery world,” said Liviri CEO Jim Parke. “But it’s an inefficient and expensive model. Shuttle was designed to streamline the process and protect temperature-sensitive items while fitting into and enhancing the cold chain logistics systems currently in place at the store level.”

Liviri Shuttle products are lightweight, durable, insulated and designed for reuse, helping to eliminate single-use packaging. Product models include a version designed for in-store “click and collect” pickup and a more durable option designed to handle the rigors of last-mile home delivery. Cooling options

and content configuration are customizable, and the product is machine washable for quick, consistent cleaning and sanitization. Read the full article on Liviri’s website, here.


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