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New ventilated containers are ideal for parts washing applications

Oconomowoc, Wis. – LEWISBINS+, a subsidiary of ORBIS Corporation, the leader in sustainable reusable packaging, has added new containers to the Stack-N-Nest product line. Ideal for parts washing applications, the new ventilated Stack-N-Nest containers offer a number of benefits, including:

• Resistance to the damaging effects of oil, most chemicals, solvents, water and steam, offering extended service life.
• Easier cleaning, accurate temperature control and minimized cooling times.
• Stacking and nesting capabilities – the containers conveniently stack when full and nest when empty, offering maximum space savings and utilization.
• Reusability – manufactured in high-density polyethylene, the ventilated Stack-N-Nest containers help customers save cost and reduce waste.

“Ventilated containers a great addition to the Stack-N-Nest product line,” said John Sebranek, marketing manager, LEWISBins+. “As a reusable, highly durable, environmentally-friendly and efficient solution, they provide extended service life and cost and space savings for our customers.”

The ventilated Stack-N-Nest containers are available in green and are FDA approved for direct food contact. The ventilated containers are available in 20 x 13-inch, 20 x 14-inch, and 24 x 18-inch footprints.

About LEWISBins+
LEWISBins+ manufactures a comprehensive line of durable plastic container systems for storage, work-in-process, assembly, organizational and merchandising applications. Its product line includes part bins, shelf bins, divider boxes and heavy duty storage totes, which integrate with a wide array of metal storage systems and wire products. These products help world-class companies reduce costs through improved assembly operations, reduced linear workspace and reduced product damage. For more information about LEWISBins+, call 877-97-LEWIS or visit

Samantha Goetz
ORBIS Corporation and LEWISBins+

Marianne Dale
For ORBIS Corporation and LEWISBINS+

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