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Editor’s Note: DC Velocity posted an article with¬†guidelines on how to determine whether reusable packaging is the right fit for your supply chain. The article includes interviews with RPA members CAPS and ORBIS Corporation. “Now that sustainability has entered the mainstream, more companies are looking at whether their operations might be a good fit for reusable packaging. Indeed, according to Jerry Welcome of the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), the industry has seen annual growth of 10 percent over the past few years …The benefits of using reusables are manifold, experts say. They can reduce a shipment’s impact on the environment. They are more cost-effective than buying one-way or nonreturnable packaging. They are typically stronger and easier to clean than their single-use counterparts. Finally, there’s the aesthetic appeal. Reusable packaging usually looks better and often takes up less warehouse space because it is usually stackable and collapsible.”

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