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International Contract Molding Launches Collapsible Tote

CHARLOTTE, NC, July 2014 – International Contract Molding, LLC (ICM) launches new Collapsible Tote to expand its reusable packaging portfolio. The tote’s collapsible design optimizes shipping and storage costs when empty. Equipped with an access door, the Collapsible Tote allows for easy contact with materials. Additionally, the container is designed to be compatible with robot retrieval systems also known as “pick and place” systems.

ICM’s Collapsible Tote features rapid snap assembly and secure stacking once assembled. It quickly and easily collapses with pinch and snap latches. Ergonomic handles provide easy material handling while exterior support structure allows for smooth interior walls. This fully recyclable and returnable container is an efficient, cost-effective solution for a variety of industry materials.

Need customization? ICM’s Collapsible Tote offers molded-in branding locations available on two sides of the container as well as a molded-in label positioning guide for identification or branding decals. Upon request RFID and/or barcode options are available. The Tote is available in dark grey or black as well as a variety of custom color options.

ICM’s Collapsible Tote measures 23.63” L x 15.72” W x 11.75” H and is injection molded using Polypropylene (PP). This reusable container is designed for durability. Collapsed, the Tote measures 3” high. The mold will run on their 1800 ton plastic injection molding machine.

To obtain a quote please call Ron Springer, Director of New Business Development ICM, at 704-301-3235 or email

View ICM’s Collapsible tote brochure online:

ICM’s portfolio of products can be viewed on their website:


About International Contract Molding, LLC. (ICM):

International Contract Molding, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc., is a global manufacturing company specializing in the development of reusable containers and the creation of efficient, cost-effective solutions. In addition, ICM molds custom plastic parts in a wide range of sizes and configurations for a variety of markets including automotive parts, appliances, consumer goods, etc. You can learn more about ICM at


 Contact: Jacqueline Ronnholm | 704-583-5221 |

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